Moodbidri: Associate of Kateel Archak Accused of Sexual Abuse Ends Life

Moodbidri: Shekhar Poojary (46), said to be a close friend of an assistant archak of Kateel temple who has been charged with causing the pregnancy of a young woman, was found dead in Koppadakumeru in Tenkamijar village near here on Saturday night.

Serving in the kitchen section of the temple, he had been reported missing since Feb 10. As mentioned, he was a close friend of Harishchandra Rao aka Appu Bhat (56), a resident of Kondemoole, who has already been arrested on charges of sexual abuse of a young woman.

Poojary is said to have mediated with the sex abuse victim’s family on behalf of Appu Bhat to accept some monetary relief and hush up the matter, When the accused was arrested, Poojary might have sensed trouble for himself and committed suicide. He is survived by wife and two daughters.

A woman residing nearby, while having gone to the hillock behind her house, spotted the body and informed others in the neighbourhood.

When the police from police arrived and investigated, a bottle of poison was found at the place,

Hence it is suspected that he had consumed poison and ended his life.

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