Moodbidri: Cattle Fall Prey to Leopard Attack in Kantavara and Niddodi

Moodbidri: A leopard sneaked into the cattle-shed next to the house of Henry Pereira of Kapikad in Kantavara village on Thursday night.

It killed three goats. One of them was found half-eaten. A pregnant goat and another were found with injuries in the neck, obviously caused by the leopard while trying to carry them away.

After eating the half goat, it appears to have fled, possibly after hearing some sound or seeing some flash of light.

Forest official Prakash Shetty and veterinarian Nagaraj Balegar visited the place and recorded the details.

On earlier night, a leopard got into a jersey dairy run by Robert Marcel D’Souza in Niddodi and killed a calf and a goat. It is not clearly known if it was the same animal which appeared in both places or two different ones.

Leopards all over!

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