Moodbidri: Court Acquits Vincent Rebello of Kallabettu in Bounced Cheque Case



Moodbidri: Vinita D’Souza, wife of John Paul D’Souza of market vicinity in Kinnigoli, had filed a case against Vincent Rebello of Kallabettu village, alleging that she had given him hand loan Rs 3.50 lakh in 2013.

As a security for the amount, he had given her a cheque. When presented to the bank on the agreed date, the cheque was dishonoured for want of funds.

Rebello submitted that he had taken no loan but the cheque had been given in connection with a land deal.

The court heard both the sides and arrived at the conclusion that the prosecution had failed to establish that there was a indeed a hand loan involved. Hence it acquitted Rebello of the charge.

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