Moodbidri: Leopard Menace in Manjanabail near Niddodi Spreads Fear and Suspense

Moodbidri: Reports of leopards preying on domestic animals had been heard mostly from Kinnigoli and Aikala surroundings in recent years.

In the past, leopards had created scare in some areas around Moodbidri like Pidamale, Niddodi and Badagamijar. Efforts to capture one of them had been made by the personnel but it eluded them, after an almost successful operation.

After long, a leopard is said to have arrived at Manjanabail near Niddodi on Monday night. It sneaked into the yard of Ramamurty’s house and carried away a dog sleeping there.

This news has spread a scare among the people. They have stopped moving out after evenings.

Having strayed into other areas looking for food for some time, it may have returned to Manjanabail, say the resident.

Leopard Ledger:

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