Moodbidri: Mother Dies, Son Survives in Joint Suicide Bid at Maroor

Moodbidri: Yamuna Poojarti (55), living in a 5-cent site in Maroor near here, ended her life by hanging herself at home around noon on Thursday.

Her son, Praveen aka Kariya (29), worked in a restaurant in Mangaluru and had come on a few days’ leave. When he returned home after going out for a while he found his mother hanging herself with a sari.

Out of despair and by reflex action, he too made a noose out of the other end of the sari and tired to end his life. As his screams were heard by those outside the house, they came running and checked.

The house was locked from inside, They observed through the window that the mother and son were hanging from the roof.

Those who came to help got inside the house and found Praveen still alive and rushed to a hospital in Mangaluru. Yamuna was already found to have died. The Moodbidri police arrived and held investigations.

Yamuna had separated from her husband and lived alone, while Praveen worked in Mangaluru, often visiting her.

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