Moodbidri: Near-fatal Attempt onTwo Youngsters’ Lives by Gang at Handelu

special correspondent

Moodbidri: Ashok Poojary (27), son of Nonayya Poojary and Vasu Acharya (29), son of Gopal Acharya, both residents of Edu village in Karkala taluk, were waylaid by a gang while they were riding a bike at the Handelu turn near Vidyagiri here on Sunday, Sep 20 morning.

The duo was part of a band which played music at the Ganesh idol immersion ceremony in Kulshekar, Mangaluru late Saturday night. As they were returning home, the gang appeared to have followed them from Mangaluru in three bikes.

Handelu, which is known for several bends and turns, was found ideal for them to accost them and attack. Vasu sustained severe injuries in his left foot and Ashok in his head and hands. They have been admitted to Wenlock hospital in Mangaluru.

The reason for the assault is not known. Old enmity may have led to the incident, say police sources. The Moodbidri police are investigating the case.

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