Moodbidri: Water Quality Check Facility Available at Vidyagiri Alva’s Campus

Moodbidri: Sources of drinking water are being polluted because of various factors in the modern times. Since many diseases and ailments can be caused by contamination of water, stressing the importance of purity of potable water can never be an overstatement.

The residents of Moodbidri and around can ensure the purity of the water used by them by having its checked at Vidyagiri. An announcement from Alva’s education group says that apartment complexes, college hostels and civic bodies can have the quality and suitability of the water supplied by them verified by getting it tested at the checking centre that has opened in the Vidyagiri campus, by paying requisite charges.

For more details, Dr Ram Bhat, head of the post-graduate BioTechnology department, Vidyagiri, Moodbidri can be contacted.

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