Mother, daughter undergo surgey to look like Katie Price

London, Aug 27 (IANS) A mother and daughter duo spent more than 56,000 pounds on surgery just to look like TV personality and former model Katie Price.

The pair have spent thousands on operations and beauty treatments to look like her.

Georgina Clarke, 38, and daughter, Kayla Morris, 20, wanted bigger breasts, bums and lips and say splashing money on transforming themselves into their icon brought them closer together.

“My mum is my best friend and plastic surgery is our way of bonding. Every time we go under the knife we get closer to looking like Katie,” The Sun newspaper quoted Morris as saying, reports

The duo funded their operations and beauty treatments through Morris’ stripping job, which she has had since she was 17-year-old.

She decided she wanted a boob job when she was still in primary school and Clark loved the idea, who too got addicted to look like Price.

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