Mother doesn’t want a Pet

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""Name:  Crystal Rodrigues
Date of Birth:  10/23/93
Father’s Name:  Sal Rodrigues
Mother’s Name:  Florine Rodrigues
Native Place:  Belle Udupi
School: Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois

Hi, my name is Crystal.  I’m a grade 7 student at Crone Middle School, Naperville, Illinois.  I have great passion for music.  I have taken couple of years of voice lessons as well as piano lessons when I was in elementary school.  Now I’m in honor chorus in my school as well as I play violin in the school orchestra.  My hobbies are reading, playing basketball and swimming. I love to watch Indian Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and Indian Idol T.V. programs.

Mother doesn’t want a Pet

Mother doesn’t want a cat,
Mother says they reek,
They never wipe their paws and always chase rats,
They splash around in puddles all day then come home all muddy,
Then refuse to take a bath and then get mad,
The cat doesn’t even become your buddy.

Mother doesn’t want a bird,
Mother says they squawk,
And no matter how much you try, they will never speak words,
They poop all over; all they do is gawk,
They splatter all the food around,
And in the middle of the night sing their crazy songs.

Mother doesn’t want a fish,
Mother says they stink,
They don’t even do anything all they do is swish,
And you are the one, who has to clean out that dirty brink,
And some of them jump out of the bowl,
And they don’t live long.

Mother doesn’t want a dog,
Mother says they shed,
And get lost and then you have to find them in the fog,
And always sleep on your bed,
They constantly bark and growl,
And always bother you when you want peace of mind!


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