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Mr Felix Lobo-Mangalorean Star is proud to introduce a down-to-earth, soft spoken, kind-hearted man, Mr Felix Lobo, who is known to many and fondly called as ‘Dattu’.

‘Treat every day as if it’s a new beginning. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be’ is the motto of successful entrepreneur Felix Lobo. He is the man behind the unity of Konkani community in Qatar and is the one who was instrumental in forming successful organizations like Konkani Culture Association and the one and only Mangalore Cricket Club. Known to all community members in Qatar, this dynamic person is also actively involved in the church activities of Doha parish, including the huge project of new Church building project of Doha.

He has risen from scratches to glory solely due to his dedication, perseverance and prayers, he says. A reputed personality among the community in Qatar, he has done many things for Konkani as well as for the Konkani community. Hailing from Vittla, he comes from a devout, god fearing family. Born on the 24th April 1955, to Mr. Casmir Lobo and Mrs. Pauline Lobo, he has 5 sisters and 8 brothers. That makes it a total of 14 children. With all his siblings being married with families, Felix says that when there’s a function he doesn’t need to invite anyone else because the family fills up the hall!! Having done his schooling till 4th standard in Vittla itself, he studied till Secondary school in the Uppinangady orphanage, where Fr Albert D’Souza was the Correspondent of the organization at that period. It is here that he discerned the true meaning of Konkani language and culture, religion, faith in God, true value of prayer. Moreover, he realized the significance of values like charity, simplicity and hard work. Also at this place, he acquired skills of humility, endurance and assertiveness. He gives full credit of his present status to his living and studying there. Fr Albert D’Souza is his inspiration.

After passing out his Secondary school, he came to Mangalore for the first time ever in his life, lived there for a couple of years and did his industrial training (ITI) course in Nanthoor. Upon completing his vocational course in Mangalore 1976, he went to Delhi in search of a job and worked there for a year.

In 1976, he landed in Qatar. Though initially he was lonely and reclusive, soon he made contacts with many Mangaloreans, especially after he started attending weekly Holy Masses. He made friends with many and this is when he was implanted with the idea of uniting the then strewn mangalorean community in Qatar.

Soon he was lucky enough to get a job in the UN office as an Audio-visual Assistant and served this organization for five years. His hard work, sincerity and competence led him to take-up a senior post in the UN. Soon he got a job in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), grew in this organization, till he became the In-charge of his department in 1986. He used to help lots of Mangaloreans who were in need of many kinds of help. He organized many periodic family get-togethers in Doha to unite many Mangaloreans and be in contact with one another.

There were lots of events taking place in Qatar at that period of time but not any Konkani programme. The stern desire within him to form a Konkani association resulted in Konkani Culture Association (KCA) in 1986. He was joined by fifteen Konkani activists including Donny Lobo, Rocky Fernandes and CGS Takode, who had just landed in Qatar. They organized many Konkani cultural events like Henry D’Souza Nite with a Konkani drama (written by CGS Takode) by local artiste, which was held in 1987. This is the first-ever major Konkani event in Qatar, recorded in the books of Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Culture, thus including the term ‘Konkani’ at government level. This also inspired Goans to join hands with them and promote Konkani in this part of the world. They resolved to organize at least one major Konkani event a year, and thus carried-out many revolutionary Konkani programmes, including a Wilfy Nite. They also felicitated Jerry Kulshekar then.

In 1992, a new-look, stronger organization was formed, with a sole intention of bringing all Mangalorean Catholics under one roof. They intended to name it as a Mangalorean Catholic organization but, due to the legal intricacies, they had to name it Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC). Mr.Lawrence Vas from Neerude became the founder president and Felix Lobo became the second president of MCC, and he was one of the main initiators of this organization, with profuse support from other Mangalorean activists including Fredrick Menezes, David D’Souza, Michael D’Souza and others. He continued to be the President of MCC for five consecutive terms and brought about transitions in minds and actions of Konkani speaking people of Qatar.

In the beginning, they used to celebrate Monthi Fest and Christmas for all our community members. Today, Mangalorean Cricket Club enjoys the support of more than three thousand Mangaloreans who take active part in the organization’s activities, and four major events of gathering them under one roof are held each year. MCC is also affiliated to the Indian Embassy, with adequate support from the government body.

For his exemplary service towards the Mangalorean community Mr.Felix Lobo has been conferred awards by the following communities in India as well as abroad
• United Youngsters Mangalore -1999
• Catholic Sabha Mangalore -2004
• Tulu Koota Kuwait – 2005
• KCWA Kuwait – 2006
• Daijiworld, Dubai – 2006
• Mangalore Konkans – 2006
• MCC Doha Qatar – 2007

He has served on the advisory committee of the Indian Embassy, Qatar for the period 2002- 2006 and is currently in the Public Relations committee. Not only has he promoted Mangalore and the language Konkani in Doha Qatar but he has helped hundreds of Mangaloreans secure a job in the Gulf. Whenever any mangalorean is in trouble or needs help in Doha, Felix is the first person who comes to their mind. Felix always believes that when god has been kind enough by providing him with a good life it is but his duty to serve mankind in the best way possible.

Mr. Felix Lobo is not only an enthusiastic community member, a virtuous leader and an exemplary family man, but is also a successful businessman. In 1994, due to Qatarization, he left his job and started a catering business establishment called ‘Golden Arrow’. Simultaneously, ‘Around-the-World Service’, a recruitment service firm was setup. He did very well till 2000, till he realized that he should switch to technical line which is in line with his qualification. He did a feasibility study and realized that fabrication industry is quite profitable.

He now has four workshops and an office. Around 250 people are employed in his Company. They are currently holding the agents for ‘Alu K’ System Fabricators from Italy. Our company has handled projects like College of Technology building, ‘Khalifa Stadium and Sports Hall’ , Qatar Medical City and currently they are working on the City Centre Expansion which includes 5 star hotels such as the Marriott, Shangri La and Merweb.

Behind every successful man is a woman. No matter how clichéd this line is its still true and every man agrees by it, including Felix, who says that his wife Stephany has been very supportive in every step that he has taken. Her contribution to his success is really enormous. It would have been impossible to even think about all that he is or has done without her by his side. She is his friend, guide, support and strength. Mr. & Mrs Lobo are fondly called as – “Dattu n Voni” by most of their family members, friends and Well wishers.

His two children are the apple of his eyes. His elder daughter Freeda is married to Tom Lazarus and settled in Doha. She is a dedicated Toastmaster, winner of many speech awards and is the youngest Club President in Doha. His younger son Floyd has just completed his Graduation from Mangalore and has joined him in Doha. A keen sportsman, a state level hockey player, he has won many sports awards and has made his college and state proud. Both children work with their father.

Mr. Felix Lobo is a dog lover and his children share his passion. He has 10 German Shepherds back home in Mangalore. He misses them when he’s in Doha and calls them up regularly to hear them bark over the phone!! Believe it or not sometimes he makes an India trip just to see and be with his dogs!!
Mr. Felix Lobo’s message to our readers:

“Never forget your roots. No matter where you are, what you do always remember that Mangalore is your homeland and the people are your brethren. We need to preserve our culture and heritage for our children. As the proverb goes, “One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade”.

For those of you who are interested to start your own business, I have learned that it is good to take proper guidance and suggestions from senior business people. It is very important, especially in India or while taking a loan, to know what field to take up, do a proper feasibility study of the market situation and success rate of a particular kind of business.

“I remember my initial days when I started my own business. It wasn’t easy but with the help and support of my family and friends I managed to create a company of which today I’m proud. “

“Guidance and suggestions from senior people, proper market study and success rate are very essential in establishing a good business. Another important thing is to start small. When you do not have much to invest, setup something small and try to grow, rather than setting your eyes on a big thing. Be sensible.” wishes Mr. Felix Lobo all the very best in his future endeavors!

Submitted By Freeda Lobo



Allwyn Coelho, Australia:
Please could you tell me if you have any brothers by the name of Vincent Lobo. He is married to Carol Sequeira from Bendur,mangalore, now residing in Australia.
I am very proud of your achievments and your children will be blessed by them. I hope to meet you in person.Allwyn.

francis red building, India:
Felix Lobo Dev boreai karok tuka

Syed Abdul-Hye, Qatar:
A well known person in the community in Qatar. A great inspiration for younger generation, and very impressive personal view of our roots and culture. All the Mangaloreans are very proud of you, and your well deserved achievements, through the rocky path. Besides you are great family-man, and a man of responsibilities and vision.

Syed Abdul-Hye, Doha, Qatar.

Dinesh, India:
The Pride of the Konkani people from Mangalore is undoubtedly Mr. Felix Fidelix Lobo, ably assisted by Mrs Lobo.

May the Lord Almighty bless this great couple with all the Happiness and great health.

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