Mulki: Theft in Mumbai Entrepreneur Lakshman Shetty’s House in Padu Panambur

Mulki: Mumbai-based entrepreneur Lakshman Shetty owns a house near Shri Jarandaya daivasthan in Moodutota of Bellairu under Padu Panambur panchayat limits.

It remains locked and Shetty’s aunt Balike Rama Shetty has the daily routine of visiting it and looking after the safety and upkeep.

When she arrived there on July 15 as usual, she found the latch of the front door broken open. When she checked inside, she found that some copper items and Rs 20,000 had been taken away.

The keys of all cupboards were kept at an easily-spotted place. Those who were aware of this are suspected to have done the act. Fingerprint experts, besides Mulki police, conducted investigations.

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