Mulki: Thefts on the Rise in Town – Rs 55,000 Stolen from Kolnad House

Mulki: Cases of theft are on the rise in this important junction town located on the west coast national highway, linking Udupi, Mangaluru, Kinnigoli, Kateel, Moodbidri and other places.

The cases are being blamed on migrant population since the police have been left clueless in many instances. In the latest case, thieves broke into the house of Abdul Rahiman in Kolnad here.

He and family had locked the house to visit their relatives in Moodbidri on Saturday morning. The same night the house was targeted by the thieves by sliding the tiles and sneaking in

Neighbours noticed that the tiles were not in proper order the next morning. They informed the owner who arrived and checked the situation. The cupboards were found open and searched all over. Rs 55,000 in cash appeared to have been taken away.

The police from Mulki station visited with fingerprint experts and held investigations.

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