Mulki: Thieves Break into and Rummage Billava Sangha Office, Decamp with Rs 50,000

Mulki: There has been a sudden spurt in the number of thefts under the jurisdiction of Mulki police station during the past few months.

In the early hours of Nov 24, thieves broke into the rear door of the auditorium of the Billava Seva Sangha and gained access into the premises.

Then they appear to have broken open the latch of the aluminium door of the office. They rummaged the whole premises for valuables but could not find any.

Thereafter they, using a screwdriver, opened the cupboard and stole a sum of Rs 50,000 from the cash box. The theft came to light when the shrine archak arrived to open the doors.

The thieves have left behind a steel rod and a hook used in the act. The Mulki police have registered a case.

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