Mumbai: Indian Parliamentary Elections – Who is the winner?


The euphoria is fast catching up every where. The long wait is coming to an end. UPA government?s 10 year old reign has frustrated the common man to no end. PM Manmohan Singh survived the ordeal dished out by the opposition till now, which is not only surprising but a feat very few leaders can pull off.
It still comes in front of my eyes, the scene where in 2004 after sweeping the elections, when the Congress party leaders requested party leader Sonia Gandhi to hold the reigns of the Prime Minister?s position, the BJP cadre led by  Sushma Swaraj, went in front of the dais and swore to cut her hair in front of the packed crowd and go bald if ever Sonia becomes the prime minister. Lot of drama followed. Renuka Chaudhuri, Ambika Soni and many others were urging Sonia to take up the mantle. Sonia went ahead and anointed Dr. Manmohan Singh as the prime minister.
Then the outcome is all history now. Five years went by like magic. The BJP were relegated to be just bystanders. They woke up only three years ago. Woken up they were, but the Indian populace started taking them seriously just two and a half years ago. The 2G, 3G  and coal gate scam was painted around the country by the media on a large scale. The rest of the so called mini scams also followed.
BJP was vociferous in its attacks. At every rally, BJP prime ministerial candidate designate tore the UPA into pieces. Anna Hajare?s small skit was also responsible for the UPA?s insult adding to injury.
Baba Ramdev went on an onslaught spree against the UPA, till Chidambaram?s police personnel in Delhi went on a rampage and ransacked the crowd at his rally, which compelled the baba to borrow a lady?s salwar kameej and run for his dear life. He re -emerged after a day at his ashram. After, this nerve wrecking scene, Baba-Ramdev?s guns have fallen silent. The ever roaring Tiger has been reduced to a mild cat yelling ?Meeooww?!
Today, Congress is rightly hitting back at BJP as they have failed terribly in Karnataka. Yeddi has let them down and how? BJP hasn?t recovered from that debacle till now.
Congress went and wooed Nitish Kumar, as they know Rahul being projected as PM candidate will not work. After seventeen years of togetherness, Nitish opted out of NDA!! How opportunistic politics could be?
Well, Congress strongly believes, that it should strongly support the third front to keep out BJP from power. The CPIMS, Jayalalithas, BSP and SP of the world are grouping together and started pulling along JD, BJD and whoever is ready to tag along. There is a strong possibility of the third front emerging as the winner with the greatest politician of India, Sharad Pawar indirectly supporting it and then may join it after the poll results are out. Why NCP should not need a Defence Ministry, Home ministry or even better I&B ministry portfolio, if everything goes well!!
All said and done, the elections are a just six months away. Narendra Modi is very aggressive in campaigning pan India with his anti Sonia, anti Rahul rhetoric. None-the- less, Congress is also all hammer and tongs at BJP?s leadership. The war has begun!! The rampaging BJP is also nervous with the third front getting their act together. This could spell doom for the BJP, as Congress can support the third front from outside and BJP may remain where they are right now, in the opposition. No party will win a land slide victory.
Common man in India always has uncommon views about politicians and their likes, thanks to the strong media penetration. The fourth estate as the media has been called in a democracy has started raking in the moolah, since the last two years and will laugh all the way to their respective, banks as more and more eyeballs are glued to the idiot box for latest verbal duels among party leaders!! The nation will see wide spread frenzy in the coming months. The euphoria will die down only after the new Government is sworn in.
Namo is an able administrator, his past deeds against the minority community will haunt him. No one should forget that the Muslims are always considered as a decision making community and a vote bank which is reportedly decisive. The Congress has been relying heavily on it as well as the NCP, SP and the southern four states, West Bengal notwithstanding. The country is in dismay. The fuel prices, daily commodity prices and the staple Indian diet, the onion prices have sky rocketed!!
PM is too old to manage the country, so the opposition says. But, the financial wiz has changed the country?s destiny by de- evaluation of rupee in the year 1991 under PM, PV Narasimha?s leadership. Nobody thought then that, an ex- RBI Governor turned Finance Minster will rule the country as PM for two decades. Public memory is always short. How ever, this time the young voter is excited. They have joined the fray. The Face book, twitter crowd is excited about exercising their franchise.
Modi has started wooing them, so as Rahul. But, the silver lining is, the youth are well aware about the scenario in India as well as the west due to the Internet teachings. They may sway in casting their vote, but will not be decision makers of the country?s fate. The electorate in this country is totally smitten by the upcoming change in the country, but the third front by projecting Nitish Kumar as their PM candidate has stolen the country?s imagination. He is not only an excellent orator, but changed the face of Bihar in record time.
Coming back to Maharashra politics, the Shiv Sena and MNS have refused to bury the hatchet resulting in Congress and NCP to come together and create havoc! Gopinath Munde?s leadership is in doldrums, minus his great late bro-in-law Pramod Mahajan?s magic which worked greatly in the BJP?s tenure as has been reportedly flashed  in the mainstream and vernacular media in a widespread manner.
Well, the moral of the story is, every party gets succumbed in the regional political scenarios and get embroiled in one controversy or the other! Only the party which has a vision which belongs to the leader heading the party or heading the premiership and can devote time and attention to common man?s woes and handles foreign policy brilliantly may come forward and sit on the most coveted chair. The premier could be of any party, the Nation does not care, but He should deliver, it matters the utmost!!
So, the countdown begins!!

Author: Donald D Silva- Mira Road- Mumbai