Muslim Brethren celebrate Bakrid with gaiety in Udupi

Muslim Brethren celebrate Bakrid with gaiety in Udupi

Pics By Prasanna Kodavoor

Udupi: Bakrid (Eid-ul-Adha) was celebrated by the Muslim Brethren with special namaz (prayers) being offered at various masjids in the District on Monday, September 12. Muslims congregated in large numbers near places of worship.

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Prayers began at 8:00 am as Muslims started to throng the venue. Community members offered special prayers at the Jamia Masjid, Corporation Bank Road. The Moulavi led the prayers and blessed the gathering.

The Moulavi explaining the significance of the festival said that the festival is being celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim, who built the ‘Khaba’ at Mecca. Prophet Ibrahim spread the message of universal brotherhood. Moulavi called upon the community members to pray for peace and harmony in the society.

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Similar prayers were offered at the Noorani Mosque Indrali, Malpe, Brahmagiri, Gangolli, Kandlur, Kota, Brahmavar, Shirva, Kaup and other Mosques in the District.

Muslim brethren exchanged ‘Eid Mubarak’ wishes and returned home to celebrate the holy festival.

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