Muslims exchange Eid greetings with Pejawar Swamiji

Muslims exchange Eid greetings with Pejawar Swamiji

Udupi: Setting an example of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood and unity, few Muslims visited Sri Krishna Temple and exchanged Eid-Ul-Fitr wishes.


Muslim met Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar Math and exchanged Eid greetings. They also offered fruits to the Swamiji.


Pejawar Swamiji’s car driver Arif, who led the delegation, said, “Such small things make a big difference in life and I always believe that we should mingle and share with each other during every festival.”

image003muslims-exchange-eid-greeting-with-pejawar-swamiji-20160706Mohammed Arif has worked as a driver of Pejawar Swamiji since a few years. During the Paryaya Festival of Pejawar Swamiji, Arif took the initiative with the help of the Muslim community to conduct a blood donation camp, the Hore Kanike procession and the distribution of Butter Milk during the Swamiji’s Pura Pravesha. After the Paryaya festival, Arif had received a threat call by an unknown person from the UAE.


  1. “Arif had received a threat call by an unknown person from UAE” – Report.

    I’ve a feeling that the unknown person has ‘no religion’. Well, just an educated guess as I did in many other cases which later turned out to be 100% true! smiles…

    • Hey Rapidex RampaNNA from the land of EVAPORATED/CONDENSED milk & Borrowed Money,

      Is this a suitable topic to talk about your land of ‘aviyada haaaalu’ and ‘Saala padeda Hana’? How come NOT a peep from you regarding the videos I sent you?

  2. Eidgoo Udipi swamigaligoo yenu sambandha? Yes there is the connection through Arif bhai.
    Nice to see the friendship between the communities.

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