My Aquarium

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Name: Vaylon  Reginaldo  Lobo
Date of Birth: 30th  October  2001
Parents Name: Francis  &  Vinka  Lobo
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi ? U.A.E
Place of Origin: Parra,  Goa – India
School: Abu Dhabi  Indian  School. (ADIS)

I am Vaylon, studying in Grade II.  I like to paint, sing and dance.  Recently, I joined the Oriental Karate Club, Abudhabi. I am a white belt at present, I am working towards a yellow belt. Wish me luck!

I have an Aquarium at home, with five gold fishes. I have named them, 1- Serena, 2- Marina , 3- Doris,  4- Sunny, and  5- Goldie. I enjoy watching them, feeding them and sometimes I even speak to them. They always reply back by opening  & closing  their mouth.

I have drawn the pictures my aquarium, dog, cat and butterflies in our garden. Hope you all will like it!




I am going to Goa, during this summer vacation. My Grandparents are anxiously waiting for me. I am also looking forward to  meet  my  dog "SPOTS."  Hope you enjoy your vacation too.



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