‘My Gas’ non-subsidized cooking cylinders from year-end

Chandigarh, Aug 12 (IANS) A private company on Wednesday announced that it will launch its ‘My Gas’ brand of non-subsidized cooking gas cylinders across the country by this year end for private use.

Worthwhile Gases Private Limited (WGPL) managing director Akshay Jain told media here that the company was looking at entering the alternate fuel market in the country.

“We have launched our commercial operations pan India from today. The company has commenced bulk sales to industrial users in 18 metric tonne tankers. The company is offering non-subsidized LPG solutions under brand name of ‘My Gas’,” he said.

“We are importing 10,000 metric tonnes of LPG per month from various sources. The same is being unloaded at Mumbai Terminal where we are using a cryogenic facility for storage. From here, as per the requirement, it will be carted over surface to the various states for bottling,” Jain said.

“‘My Gas’ by the end of this year plans to launch the non-subsidized LPG cylinders for private use. These cylinders will shortly be available in the retail segment pan India. The prevailing price in Delhi for the six kg cylinder is Rs.300; 15 kg priced at Rs.750 and the 17 kg variant is priced at Rs.850,” he said.

“At the production, technical and sourcing end, WGPL has collaborated with Torus Energy Company (TEC) of US. WGPL is also furthering its network in India by aligning with several bottling plant facilities and marketing agencies,” Jain said.

“We aspire to bring LPG to Indian households and to make non-subsidized LPG cylinders available to consumers at competitive prices,” he added.

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