My Hobby


""Name: Devon Daniel Mark Serrao
Date Of Birth: 13th January, 1998
School: Std IV ? Sherwood Academy, Abu Dhabi
Father: Derrick Serrao
Mother: Judith Serrao
Siblings: Darren,  16 years; Denver.  21 years
Place of residence: Abu Dhabi, UAE

I am eight years old and studying at Sherwood Academy in Abu Dhabi.  My pet subjects are Mathematics,  Biology,  Social Studies and Physics.

I learnt swimming during the summer holidays and can now I swim like a shark.  I always race my mother and father when we play a swim race at the beach. Next year I will be receiving my first holy communion.


I have many hobbies but my favourite is collecting telephone cards. I now have 1048 Etisalat telephone cards, which I have started collecting from the past two and half years.  I keep them neatly stacked in shoe boxes and keep them in my room and like to show them to my friends when they visit me.


~ Devon