Myanmar allows candidates to begin campaigning for general elections

Yangon, July 9 (IANS) Myanmar’s Union Election Commission has allowed candidates to begin campaigning for the upcoming general elections set for November 8, according to an announcement of the commission published on Thursday.

Permission for electioneering has also been granted to candidates who are cabinet members, deputy ministers, and heads of other governmental bodies, it said.

The commission has urged political parties to submit the list of their respective nominated parliamentary candidates in terms of levels of the parliament and constituencies from July 20 to August 8 to compete in the elections and approval will be made after scrutiny, Xinhua news agency reported.

The elections will choose representatives to the next term of the parliament, which will form a new government with a five-year term next year.

The commission, which is compiling the basic voters list for the elections, has designated a total of 1,171 constituencies across the country for the vote at four levels of parliament representatives with 330 constituencies set for elections of the House of Representatives (lower house), 168 constituencies for the House of Nationalities (upper house), 644 constituencies for regional or state parliaments and 29 constituencies for regional or state parliaments for national races.

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