Mysuru: Being Hale and Hearty at 102, Win in GP Election a Dream-come-true for Gautamamma!

Mysuru: She leads a solitary life. Never the one to depend on anyone for her needs, she collects firewood, grocery, water and others all by herself. She is indeed self-reliance and dignity personified.

For long she had this grouse about the elected representatives that they, once elected, never thereafter paid any attention to the development of the village.

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Having failed in getting projects granted for her village, Gautamamma (102), of Doddalattur village near Hanur of Kollegal taluk in Chamarajanagar district, appeared to be never down and out. Long back, she had an ambition to become a panchayat member but the dream remained unfulfilled.

She said enough is enough in begging others and decided to jump into the election fray herself. Determined to bring about a change, she filed her papers as a candidate in the recently-held elections in spite of being a centenarian. This news caught the attention of the entire state.

Many villagers appreciated her initiative and got their act together. The result was there for everyone to see. She won by 139 votes over the closest rival.

That just proves that where there is a will, there is a way.

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