Mysuru: City Zoo’s Royal Bengal Tiger ‘Sanjay’ Aged Four Years Dies

Mysuru: A male Royal Bengal Tiger, named Sanjay, aged about 4 years, had been rescued in a severely injured condition and received from H D Kote forest range of Bandipur Tiger Reserve on March 26, 2015.

The animal had sustained gunshot wounds on the right shoulder and skull with shattering fracture of right forelimb. It had to undergo internal fracture fixation with the help of plates and screws. This surgery was a first of its kind in India on tigers. It remained under post-operative care for almost 6 months in zoo hospital.

The animal had difficulty in locomotion and was confined in the holding room. In the meantime, it developed elbow hygroma at left elbow due to contralateral limb problem. The management’s efforts to restore it to normal health did not much bear fruit.

The tiger underwent surgery for hygroma excision on Dec 28, 2015. At that stage, a blood examination revealed infection. Necessary further medication was administered and the animal was under post-operative care.

During post-operative treatment on Friday, the animal collapsed at 3:30 pm. Besides, neither did it respond to the treatment rendered for the infection which was revealed by the laboratory reports on blood samples.

The post-mortem examination of the carcass has cited kidney failure as the cause of death.

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