Mysuru: Cowherd Falls Prey to Tiger on Prowl near Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary

Mysuru: Nagaraju (38), a cowherd, was attacked by a tiger in Odeyapura village under Hediyala forest range of Bandipur national park on Tuesday.

As a daily routine, he, along with Shivanna and Venkatesh, had gone to tend the cattle while they grazed in the plain near an elephant ditch in Muddaiahgundi around noon. Nagaraju sat alone on one end, while the other two sat under a tree.

The tiger suddenly appeared and began attacking Nagaraju. Hearing his screams, Venkatesh and Shivanna came running. Venkatesh threw stones at it to scare it away. But by then Nagaraju had breathed his last as the attack was so fierce.


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