Mysuru: Newly Wedded Couple get Helmets as Wedding Gifts

Mysuru: It’s always nice to see the words, “Presents in Blessings Only” on a wedding invitation card, but if these words are missing then it’s understood that the newly wedded couple should be showered with presents. Giving wedding presents like gold ornaments, watches, electronic items etc is always a costly affair these days- but one family thought of a unique gift to give to the newly wedded couple, whose marriage took place couple of days ago in Mysuru.


Guess what the wedded couple got as their presents? Helmets! With the State government making the rider and pillion rider to compulsory wear the helmets as per Supreme Court order, and since the bridegroom rides his bike to work, and would also be taking his other-half as a pillion rider, it was a perfect gift one could ever think of. The photo of the couple holding the presents (helmets) had gone viral on Whatsapp, and had too many viewers.But more details of the couple and the exact place of the wedding was not mentioned

Perhaps, in view of the helmet rule becoming mandatory in the city the guests opined this as appropriate gift.


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