Mysuru: No Monkey Business! Seven Simians Pestering Visitors Caught at Palace Premises

Mysuru: At any places of tourist interest, it is common to find monkeys and crows trying to target the snacks in the hands of children and adults alike and snatch them.

During the last five years, a few monkeys had camped inside the compound of the palace. They were a nuisance to tourists and visitors. They had bitten some of them.

Their presence had begun with two just two but had multiplied to seven recently. Last month, when one of them was about to harm a child, another visitor had tried to chase it. But it attacked him and injured him with deep bites.

The visitors had complained to palace management personnel, who in turn urged the forest department to take action. Catching of monkeys is a specialized job and not many people with such skills are easily available.

The department had to engage the services of an expert couple from Mandya, Aiyappa and Kanyamma. They arrived here with cages last week. First they studied the behavioural pattern for three days and then succeeded in capturing them all without any harm.

They were set free in the deep forests of Melukote, according to palace personnel.

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