Mysuru: Stillborn Found in Hospital Lavatory, Puts Couple in Trouble

Mysuru: A still born human foetus was found in the lavatory of a government hospital on January 19.

According to sources, A Group D staff found the foetus in the lavatory of Cheluvamba Hospital’s labour-ward. The verification of birth and death records led to one Murthy’s wife, who had delivered a stillborn a few days back.

Hospital resident medical officer, Manjunath lodged a police complaint and named the couple. The police zeroed in on Murthy and questioned him. Murthy had taken the body of his stillborn child to his village in Krishnapur and had buried it there. The police however didn’t buy his version. This lead to the body being exhumed and produced before the police, after which Murthy was cleared of the charges.

In the past two days, the hospital had reported six stillborn deliveries of one girl and five boys. Further investigation is underway.

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