Mysuru: ‘Tallboy’ Brings Happiness as Giraffe ‘Khushi’ Gives Birth to Male Offspring

Mysuru: The city zoo’s got ‘male’. There was joy and celebration among the management and the staf with the arrival of a male giraffe calf on Dec 10.


Khushi, the mother, had been brought from the Lucknow zoo in 2007. Now 11 years old, she had given birth to Lakshmi a few years ago. Her second offspring, Bhima, has been donated to the Patna zoo. The third, a female, is being looked after here.

The calf is yet to be named. In the interest of its health and protection, the giraffe enclosure has been kept away from public viewing for some time.

The visitors and the media have been requested to cooperate in the matter.

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