Name That Can Change your Destiny!

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Our country, which is rich in Culture, Heritage and Traditions, has left us a lot of theories like Vedas, Epics, etc. All of them have taught us one thing that by knowing these epics, we should lead a peaceful and harmonious life. His/her life should be an inspiration to the next generation.
But, in this highly competitive world, we are involved more in material pleasures and we have built a chain to within ourselves, when we are more involved in passion and we cannot come out of it.
Our ancestors have left us a lot of books related with Life, Astrology, Palmistry, Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Shastras, and many other formulae, to overcome our problems. Over these formulae, Art of Numerology is one.
What is numerology?

""Every one born on this world has his birth date.  Based on this day, one can come to know the birth number and also the number of destiny. The Sum, total of the digits of these numbers give him/her a name number. This Name Number has to be tuned according to his birth date, which gives him/her a real power. A good number reduces evil effects and increase his potential and give boosts to his talents. It can prevent all the bad happenings and change the destiny of a person.
Moreover, it has to be observed that after tuning, if it?s pronounced properly, it gives a good vibration; it gives him a good life! This is called art of Pronology. Today, many Celebrities, Cinestars and politicians have been consulting Numerologist to make it big in their career and create their own destinies.

For example:

Reema Lamba has become Mallika Sherawat
Rajeev Bhatia to Akshay Kumar
Imraan Hashmi to Emraan Hashami
Shivaji Rao to Rajni Kanth
Shobha  De  to Shobhaa De
Even T.V serial names have been tuned accordingly, Jayalalitha has added one more ?a? to her name while Producers like Ektta  Kapur, Rakesh Roshan have been strictly following numerology. Laloo Prasad Yadav has become Lalu Prasad and now he is called a corporate Guru. Sharukh Khan?s name adds up to 7, but his birth number is 2. Here 2 & 7 are very friendly numbers.

Now let us observe the art of Pronology. Although you have a tuned name, but is not pronounced properly, it gives a negative vibration. 
Let us watch few names:
A.R. RAHMAN = A.R.(AIR  fast like wind)
RA (Ray) light, energy (positive) Man

He is considered one of the world?s notorious dictators. He brought the whole of Germany under his control. He killed many Jews by his wrong policies.
Here, in ADOLF HITLER?s name, DO and HIT gave him positive vibrations, which have strong will power and fast action, which made him a powerful dictator. But the letter ER that denotes a wrong way made him a dictator, which led to destruction. Hence wrong names might lead to you to go in a wrong way!
We will observe the name of the superstar AMITABH BACHAN

AM   = He had a aim
MIT  = make the vibrations mighty
BAC = Strong background
BA    = Bay of talents
More over it has been observed that HAN has made many successful Khans of film industry, JACKIE CHAN and many others.
Let us observe the negative vibration

""It has been observed that females having names like MANORAMA, MANORANJINI, etc. had to face many problems related with marriage and men in their life. Some have unhappy married life, some are separated from their husbands or treat their husbands like toys or men ever played any role in their life!
Names like Kamala, Vimala, Nirmala have been playing male like character, where females are more skilled or earn more from their husbands or they are sole leaders at home. But adding initials or some other numerology solutions can reduce all these negative vibrations.

So readers, here are the few guidelines to be followed to all who want to achieve something in life.

  1. First select a good name according to numerology. Tune your name according to your lucky numbers.
  2. Check whether the vibrations are good (Whether it gives a 100% proper vibration).
  3. Use your tuned name regularly with full confidence. Just like the mantras are told in the temple 108 times, where GOD gives all the favours, your name also gives you the maximum of your potential.

I wish all the readers with best of your fortunes in your good names! 🙂

Author: Gaurav Chouta- Mangalore

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