Naming of Mangaluru Int’l Airport after Dr B R Ambedkar Demanded

Mangaluru: Ever since the Mangaluru international airport began functioning some years ago, there have been demands to name it after one of the local, well-known personalities.

Among the names that have cropped up are those of Rani Abbakka Devi who fought against the Portuguese attacks from Ullal, pioneering architect of the city’s development and former Lok Sabha member Ullal Srinivas Mallya, social reformer Brahmashri Narayana Guru and a few others.


At the monthly meeting of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes on grievances held on Sunday, Dalit leaders led by S P Ananda moved a resolution urging the authorities to name the Mangaluru airport after Bharat Ratna Dr Babasaheb R Ambedkar.

Deputy commissioner of police (law and order) Shantaraju and DCP (crime) Dr Sanjeev Patil jointly moderated the session. Those present expressed their unhappiness over the absence of the city police commissioner and insisted on adjourning the meeting.

However, DCP Shantaraju explained that the absence was because the commissioner was on leave and convinced the gathering to agree to go ahead with the meeting.

Regarding the naming of the airport, DCP Shantaraju said that if a request was submitted in writing, it would be forwarded to the district’s deputy commissioner for onward submission with a view to taking necessary action.

Matters that came up for discussion also included constant problems created by some unruly elements in Chembugudde near Thokkottu. They have been indulging in stone-pelting and creating nuisance under the influence of ganja. Ananda urged the police to deploy forces in higher number.

Complaints were also heard about speeding and loud honking by drivers in the city. Traffic ACP Udaya Nayak gave the statistics of cases filed over speeding and blaring of horns near educational institutions in the middle of the city during the past three months. He informed the gathering that a fine of Rs 800 was levied from the offenders for blaring horns and Rs 500 for speeding.


  1. Mr. Drona,

    How about naming Mangalore’s airport as Dr. Vijay Mallya airport considering the colourful and flamboyant life he led? The authorities should also display photos of Dr. Mallya with the Kingfisher calendar girls, film actresses, politicians and others, who used to coddle him at his parties held at his residences and the yacht “Indian Empress” and other places.

    Dr. Mallya, as per me, is a miniature and stupid version of Aristotle Onassis, who was a shrewd business who spent and invested wisely.

    I wonder how the title “Dr.” is being used before his name. From what I have read, he is a B.Com.

  2. I think Vijay Mallya will not be considered even by appa maga party now. U Srinivas Mallya was the first MP from Mangalore and was instrumental in getting the Bajpe airport. Insyead of Vikay Mallya we can even go for Jannu Vimana nildaana.

  3. Mr. Drona,

    Please do not take my postings on naming the Mangalore Airport with any personality seriously.

    However, if a personality is famous, then he will be remembered forever, irrespective of the fact that schools, colleges, airports and edifices are named after him. I would prefer that airports are given the name of the place they are located in.

    Giving the names of politicians to monuments, edifices, airports, etc. is a disrespect as most Indian policians are corrupt and rotten.

  4. Nagpur Airport is already named after him.. So, Mangalore International Airport cant be Renamed after him now..

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