Abu Dhabi: Narendra Modi arrives in UAE

Abu Dhabi, Aug 16 (IANS) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday arrived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a two-day official visit that will see talks focused on boosting cooperation in energy and trade.


Modi is the first Indian prime minister to visit the UAE after the 1981 visit of former prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Ahead of his visit, Narendra Modi said in an interview to Khaleej Times: “India and the UAE have everything to be a top priority for each other. This is the way I look at the UAE. The Gulf region is vital for India’s economic, energy and security interests.”

“We have resolved to sustain regular high-level engagement and build a strong and comprehensive strategic partnership,” he said.


  1. Every press release from the globetrotter announces “the first Indian pm to visit UAE in 34 maha-yugas”.

    Much has happened in the last 34 years. We need to forgive the globetrotter if he does not know much about it. It is not entirely his fault.

    Parents in the trader community want their wards to learn about how to turn one rupee into a crore. Other things are not that important.

    In the last 34 years, there was the great rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan – helped along by a few who wanted USSR out. UAE was one of them.

    Only three countries in the world recognised the Taliban government in Afghanistan: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

    India was among rare countries fighting on the opposition.

    For India’s good fortune, the opposition ultimately won. The sacrifice made by India was enormous. This was the main reason why the relationship between India and Saudi/UAE went downhill.

    We need to forgive the globetrotter if he does not know much about it. It is not entirely his fault.

    Over the years though India wanted oil, and Saudi/UAE wanted a better-disciplined workforce. So a fortunate parallel relationship continued.

    Over the last 12 months – for Saudi/UAE’s great discomfort, the crude has crashed from US$110 a barrel to $42 a barrel. Saudi/UAE will be looking for friends.

  2. What a fantastic way to create a long lasting Treaty of Friendship with a neighboring country such as Abu Dhabi. What a timely gesture on the part of Mr. Narendra Modi to think of a visit to the prosperous Sheikhdom that can join hands with India for a long term strategic friendship. Both India and Abu Dhabi will gain in all sectors, whether it is political, economic, social or even Educational. India has so much to give and take with Abu Dhabi.

    Best of luck

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