Nations promoting terrorism must be isolated: Modi

London, Nov 12 (IANS) Without naming Pakistan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said countries promoting terrorism must be isolated.

Addressing the media along with his British counterpart David Cameron, Modi said terrorism was not a matter confronting just two or three countries.

He said terrorism had spread so much today that it respected no borders.

“Daily there is a new terrorist group, daily they get new weapons. Surely, the terrorists don’t manufacture these weapons.”

Modi said humanity had to unite against terrorism and “those who promote terrorism should be isolated”.

India has consistently accused Pakistan of promoting terrorism on Indian soil.

Cameron said he and Modi would have “intense discussions” on Friday on the issue of terrorism.

“India has suffered on the streets of Mumbai, and we have suffered on the streets of London.”

He said it was not just a question of closing down terrorist camps or the space they occupy. The world also needed to deal with the narrative of the terrorists.

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