Necessary Measures taken to ensure Water Supply

Necessary Measures taken to ensure water supply to the city until June 1 – Pramod Madhwaraj

Pics By Divakar Hiriyadka

Udupi: MLA of Udupi Pramod Madhwaraj along with city municipal councillors made a spot visit to the Baje dam, Swarna River on Saturday, May 14.

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Speaking to mediapersons, the MLA said that the water level has been decreasing owing to high evaporation due to the scorching sun. The water level has reached 2.08 meters at the Baje dam and all necessary measures have been taken to ensure water supply to the city and surrounding seven gram panchayats until June 1. The water from the storage ponds is pumped using three boat engines. Altogether six boats are working on an alternative basis. He added that the water from the storage ponds would be enough for four days.

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In the first stage, the water is pumped near Puttige bridge. From there, it will be pumped near the Puttige Math and later to the area between the math and the Baje dam, and finally into the reservoir. The rain showers in the last two days did not increase the water level in the dam. It is only when the catchment area receives heavy rain that the inflow will begin, he added.

Meenakshi Madhava Bannaje president, Sandhya Kumari vice president Udupi CMC, former president Yuvaraj, Congress leader Harish Kini, Chandrika Shetty, Naryana Kundar, Janardhan Bhandarkar and others were present.

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