Nepal seeks support for its constitution making process

Kathmandu, Aug 28 (IANS) The Nepalese government has urged neighbouring countries and the international community to support Nepal’s ongoing constitution drafting process.

While briefing Kathmandu-based diplomats on the country’s latest political situation, Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey and Minister for Finance Ramsharan Mahat on Thursday said that the new constitution will accommodate aspirations and voices of all sections of the Nepalese society.

“After nearly eight years of consistent efforts we have entered the final phase of constitution drafting and the Constituent Assembly has been holding discussion on the final text of the constitution,” the two ministers said while addressing the representatives of the diplomatic fraternity in Nepal.

During the meeting, the ministers also said that a 16-point deal reached on June 8 among the four major political parties has greatly speeded up the constitution drafting process, reported Xinhua.

The text of the new constitution has been revised based on inputs received during public consultations. The issues of delineating boundaries and finalizing the number of provinces within the federal structure have somehow proved difficult, the two ministers said.

The ministers also said peace, security and stability are prerequisites for progress and prosperity in every country, adding that a peaceful, stable and prosperous Nepal will also be in the interest of Asia and beyond.

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