Never Give Up…

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If life gives you a lemon,
Make lemonade of it?

“Life is full of troubles; we need to face it courageously with a smile. We should never-ever give up, no matter what we face in life. Always try to make the best out of the worst,” says the 20-year-old trainee Rejitha P. For this young trainee hailing from a small village tucked away in the beautiful hills of Wayanad the bitterness of life?s absurdities has not dampened her spirit. Joining the three month free vocational training course offered by MoRD (Ministry of Rural Development) was a life-transforming decision. What is inspiring is the inner courage that she showed under extreme pressures of life.

Coming from an economically weak background, she is determined to work hard and change the fortunes of her family. Having no proper house to stay, she lives in a small tin shed with her mother, grandmother and brother in Poolavayal, Kuppadi at Sulthan Bathery. Mother is a construction worker who supports the family with her daily meager income of Rs 225. Her father had abandoned the family when she was three. Left all alone to raise three children with no steady income her mother not only managed to educate her children but also got both her daughters married.

Narrating her life story, Rejitha says: “I worked for a year as an English teacher in Andhra Pradesh after completing my Plus Two from GHSS, Vaduvanchal, Kuppadi. I got married in 2010.”

She also worked at the wedding clothes showroom Mekkadams for two years as a sales executive.  “Life was never a bed of roses for me as after my marriage my husband suspected me of having illicit relation. He made my life a living hell by spreading rumours about me in the village. I had no other option but to seek divorce from him. The case is still going on.”

“Many a times, I have felt like committing suicide but whenever I use to feel dejected I use to think of my mother. She has been the biggest motivating factor for me and has been with me through all my good and bad times. Whenever it became too difficult for me to bear the pain and death seemed to be answer, my mother?s face would come in front of my eyes. She is my pillar of strength and I could never let her down.”

When asked about the way this course has helped to transform her life. She said: “This course has changed me a lot. Earlier, I never use to study. Now I feel like studying. I want to get a good job. I want to build a house of my own and I want to take care of my mother. BASE (Base Academy for Skills & Employment) project is a big help for those who don?t have the means to study especially students of BPL family. It has become a reason for change in many people?s lives. We are deeply grateful to Don Bosco Technical Institute and the MoRD for this wonderful initiative which has brought smiles to many faces across India.”

When asked about her ambition in life, she says: “Each one of us should strive to reach a position in life. Once I do so, I will try my best to help others like me especially the orphans.”

BASE(Bosco Academy for Skills and Employment) Project is just a stepping stone for Rejitha and numerous other Trainees across India. This is not the end but just the beginning of the story. The story of a beautiful bond that we have built with the Trainees?

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If you would like to sponsor Rejitha and hundreds of other BPL (Below Poverty Line) children at Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad. Please feel free to mail me at .

Author: Vinaya Joseph- Mangalore

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