New app to pair start-ups with investors

London, July 21 (IANS) If you are a start-up and looking for potential investors, the new app ‘Tendr’ may help you.

The app Tendr reminds one of match-making app Tinder, does exactly that – it makes the search for financial investment as easy as finding a date.

Tendr allows the user to browse profiles of crowd funding campaigns – showing only a short description of the concept, the amount raised of the total target and how many days remain – by swiping left or right to reject or bookmark a company, Telegraph reported.

“The essence of any investment opportunity can be captured in a short sound bite, such as ‘Facebook for dogs, closes on Wednesday, 90pc funded, Warren Buffett is in’,” Tendr’s founder and CEO Lex Deak was quoted as saying.

Tendr aggregates its content from crowdfunding platforms such as Seedr, Crowdcube and Angels Den and sends interested users directly to those websites to proceed with their investment pledges.

Since its launch last month, Tendr has attracted 2,400 active users and hosted nearly 200,000 interactions on its app.

“In the future, the app may charge a commission on successful investments placed through its platform,” Deak said.

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