New Delhi: VHP blames Karnataka government for activist’s death

New Delhi, Nov 10 (IANS) Condemning the death of their activist, who died during clashes that erupted in Madikeri of Karnataka, the VHP on Tuesday blamed the state government for the death saying it was the result of “vote-bank politics”.


“For the sake of votes and to appease the minorities, they are glorifying people like Babur, Aurangzeb and Tipu sultan. This killing was a result of this,” Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Togadia said.

D.S. Kuttappa, died of injuries he sustained in a clash while protesting the Karnataka government’s Tipu Sultan Jayanthi celebrations in Madikeri town of Kodagu district on Tuesday.

He suffered head injuries in stone pelting when a pro-Tipu Sultan group and VHP activists clashed at Thimmaiah circle in Madikeri, officials said.

When a Muslim group celebrating the birth anniversary of the 18th century Mysore ruler and the VHP group opposing it came face to face, a showdown took place on Tuesday morning, leaving three people injured.

“This is unfortunate that the secular Talibani forces are following these people (Tipu Sultan, Babur and Aurangzeb). They all protested when Akhlaq was killed in Dadri but no one is speaking up now. We condemn this killing and demand that the culprits should be punished,” Togadia said.


  1. Let the dead tyrant lie dead. Siddaramiah must be held responsible for the religious polarization, provocation and the death of the protester, The observance of Tipu’s birthday is the height of folly and is an unnecessary provocation.

    • Let the dead tyrant lie dead. – Mr. Roy

      I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. There is hardly anything to remember this fellow EXCEPT for the fact that he was solely responsible for butchering thousands of Christians and Hindus who did not convert (i.e., their Rupees to Riyals) and tearing down countless places of worship.

      Sidhu should stick to what he does best – subsidizing the price of Liquor!

  2. The observance of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary was an incredibly stupid political decision. RSS and its affiliates, after suffering a massive political defeat, was on the defensive. Congress could claim it was the party of social peace and harmony but CM Siddaramiah could not leave well enough alone. He decided to shoot himself in the foot, observe Tipu’s birth anniversary and stir up communal tensions. Siddaramiah has handed a victory to the RSS/BJP after it had suffered one of the worst political defeats. The world has turned upside down. Bihar has wiser political leaders than Karnataka.

  3. Tippu Sultan has not only destroyed Christian Churches but he forcibly converted Christians in to Muslim faith, those who opposed this move was eliminated, that is what our elders used to say.-Ex Sgt George A Borromeo

    Sir,This is the second time in the recent past that the enigmatic ruler had evoked strong sentiments more than 200 years after his death, when he fell fighting the British on May 4, 1799 at Srirangapatna.
    It was two years ago that a similar furor was witnessed when the government decided to establish a central university near Mysuru named after the warrior ruler and was opposed by BJP leaders.

    Religious conversion was not something unique only to Tipu Sultan and existed in India since historical times.
    “There was large scale conversion to Buddhism during the period of Asoka in 2nd Century B.C., while Hinduism got State patronage during the Gupta era from 4th Century A.D. to 6th Century A.D. In later centuries, Sri Ramanujacharya converted Bittideva of Hoysala dynasty from Jainism to Sri Vaishnavism and he assumed the name of Vishnuvardhana,” incidents of conversion cannot be the only criterion to judge Tipu Sultan. There are records that he helped Sringeri Mutt, which had come under attack of the Marathas while he contributed to the maintenance of Sri Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangapatna and Srikanteshwara temple at Nanjangud,.

    While India being birthplace of Buddhism where are all those Buddist go? A Jainism is the dominate religion in the coastal Karnataka even before Tipu,French,British stepped up.Why the Hinduism is majority in this belt once flourished with Jainism? In the state of Goa every upper caste who migrated to the coastal Karnataka has ‘Kuldevata’ back then. There are wide scale of atrocities in Goa and winter capital ooty.

    Every history has left some painful memories. Tipu sultan may tyrant or bigot,he will answer the Almighty. As Mr.Roy expressed ” The observance of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary was an incredibly stupid political decision”. It has given ammunition to the RSS stock the communal tension. A common man become a victims of undue controversy. Mangalore is known to district of intelligent people.Perhaps maybe this is just assumption.But Bihari compared to the Rickshawala seems to be wiser than us. After all we elected BJP with mass majority.

    Jai hind

  4. Our Taqiyya expert Sharia Shaikh has listed things that are 2000 years old in response to what happened just 2 centuries ago. I also noticed how he has carefully avoided any ‘peaceful’ activities by his community. Otherwise, he would have mentioned something about thousands and thousands of temples destroyed including Sri raama janma bhoomi temple at Ayodhya. He could have also mentioned millions and millions forcefully converted by ‘peaceful’ folks which eventually resulted in a failed state called Pakistaana.

    I understand that his ‘taqiyya’ tradition compels him to state facts very selectively. The communal Congress party supports him while clueless folks like Praveena Pinto, Manga and Roy continue to hide under the table!! LOL

    • Shaikh has listed things that are 2000 years old in response to what happened just 2 centuries ago.-Atheist.Original Pai

      Sir,Well Tipu sultan history is just 200 years old but you are connecting him to Mythology figure. This is the greatness of ‘Bunch of thoughts’ who wants to saffronisation of education system.Though Tipu may be controversial figure for BJP on conversion issue,the reality of RSS is already exposed to the world when they started ‘Ghar wapsi’ program and wanted to convert the whole world before 2022. As far as Ram temple citizens of India already realised when they started collecting ‘Bricks’ but neither ‘Toilets’ nor ‘Temple was built.

      Our Original using taqiyya wrongly in his sleep and blood is started pumping to his brain. Now even Moid’s yoga also not delivering blood to is brainwashed with fanaticism.

      Jai Hind

    • For our clueless RampaNNA

      PM and FM in a huddle at BJP headquarters. Amit Shah made to stand in corner with dunce’s cap on head.

      PM: I was sure we’d strike gold in Bihar.

      FM: Instead all we struck was out, turning our Diwali into a diwala. Maybe we shouldn’t have brought up all that beef business. That only got Nitish to make us eat crow. Not to mention humble pie. Now everyone’s saying he could end up being the next PM.

      PM: PM? Post Master? Proxy Mandal?

      FM: Prime Minister. Who’ll do badli for you come the next general elections.

      PM: Uh, oh. I’ve got to show people that it’s thanks to me that the country will prosper. Let’s quickly roll out some economic reforms. How about that GST thingummy we’ve been talking about all this time?

      FM: After Bihar, i think we can change GST into RIP: Rest in peace. It’s as dead as a dodo. Deader

      PM: How about land acquisition then? Can’t we push that through?

      FM: Land acquisition? Forget acquiring land – we’re going to be losing ground in Kerala, Bengal, Assam and UP when elections take place there. It’s the opposite of a landslide victory – it’s a landslide loss, when the land slides out from under your feet.

      PM: OK, OK. Stop rubbing my nose in it. What about labour reforms?

      FM: Love’s labour lost. Or rather, labour’s love lost.

      PM: I know what! My gold scheme. The one that i launched before Dhanteras by which people hand over all their family gold to us in return for sarkari bonds. It’s my variant of solar power: sona power. That’ll show people what a wealth-creator i am. Where’s all that gold that my scheme fetched?

      FM: In the same place where that Rs 15 lakh is which you promised to give everyone in the country by bringing back all the black money from abroad: It’s at the end of an imaginary rainbow.

      PM: Are you saying i’ve lost my Midas touch?

      FM: Not at all. Thanks to your Midas touch at least one thing has been turned into gold. At today’s prices ghar ki daal gold barabar …

  5. In the past, whatever activities related to Tippu Sultan were not successful. I do not know why but its a fact.

    None of the plays/drama/nataka related to Tippu Sultan in Mysore were successful. Most of the plays by Nataka Company were failed due to fire to the tents or some natural calamity in and around the area.

    Bollywood Actor Sanjay Khan knowing the fact, challenged the same and ventured into making film Tippu Sultan in late 80’s but sustained severe burn injury due to fire at the movie set and was quickly shifted to Bangalore Hospital.

    It is better to be cautious and away from Tippu Sultan related issues.

  6. Can someone explain to Joker Praveena Pinto how Bihaara is just a state in our Bharatha ? We had separate elections at national level and results were announced more than a year ago. Clearly, our ‘dinka-dinka’ Praveena is still not aware of the ground reality!! Ignorance combined with over dosage of ajeerna pills can explain the irrational behavior by saudi-returned Joker! smiles…

    • Can someone explain to Joker Praveena Pinto how Bihaara is just a state in our Bharatha ? – Rampu’ji

      Oh.. the ‘Akhanda’ has disappeared… nice. 🙂

      Can SOMEBODY explain to Podi’ji that the Bihari’s did NOT defeat Alexander like he said…..

      Can somebody explain to our Phoreen Rampa that he has NO clue about ‘politricks’ back home in UP and Bihar?

      MACK in India.. Mack in India….pyare rampu… hark now hear….listen to the LATEST prayer..

  7. @Sharia Pandita – Are you referring to mythological figure from your tribal fantasy that has resulted in so much violence nd destruction? Just curious!!

    @Joker Praveena Pinto – I’m very glad to see that you have moved on and accepted Tipu Sultaan as your new ‘hero’. As long as there are illiterates like you are around, congress party will be very safe!! After all, why do you think an author on this forum made a reference ‘biriyaani’ and how one group gets all of it under Congress rule? smiles..

    • @Joker Praveena Pinto – I’m very glad to see that you have moved on and accepted Tipu Sultaan as your new ‘hero’. – Some Sathyu Praku from somewhere

      Whoa! Not so fast bro! … You NEED to LEARN to READ properly first. Tipu was and is never my “hero” like our Podi is Rampa’s.

      Anyway, you don’t seem too bright because you ‘debut’ your way in here by badmouthing your way – firing from the hip WITHOUT any provocation. But then, wth…hey, you must be from the land of ‘Shootout at OK Corral’ like our dear old Rampa’ji. 🙂 And I’m so used to his jokes… sigh.. I simply CAN’T live without them! So, it is all OK with me. Say, may I call you Dronu Sugam? 🙂

      And oh, how much MORE sillier can you and those of your ilk can get? That ‘Biryani’ author (some Joker called T J Abraham) shot himself in the foot when he stated numbers in his ‘Biryani’ package!

      You see, when one wants to say – “It is raining cats and dogs”, ONLY TJ Abru, OK Corral Rampu and Satyu Praku will say – “it is raining 5 cats and 3 dogs” or something like that!

      And didn’t that Abru say some “200 or 100 or even 20 packets”?

      Hahahahhaha…. poor dolt! Didn’t even know to express himself! And you –> Sathyu… you revel in that.. like Rampu did? Hahahahaha. More jokes ya Sathyu Praku Dronu… MORE… 🙂

  8. “he was solely responsible for butchering thousands of Christians and Hindus” – writes joker Praveena Pinto!!

    What a weak response from this self-hating group!! LOL If this historical figure was responsible for butchering people, how come there is only group protesting while the other group is hiding under the table? Is it because of sanaathana-hatred taught by their masters? Oh well, we all know the answer!!

  9. One is bewildered to see the amount of energy spent by tens of thousands of people in the state who are either for celebrating the Tipu Jayanthi or opposed to the same.

    Tipu, like all rulers of his time, would have done many good things and many bad things.

    But he is long dead and gone!

    No matter what Jayanthi is celebrated in his name, he won’t be part of it.

    So, while I am not supporting the Jayanthi, I suppose, I won’t oppose it either.

    If indeed the state government goes ahead with a date dedicated for the Jayanthi, the school kids might be very pleased – regardless of the political mood around them.

    But just for a moment imagine the quantum of the energy wasted by the warring mobs in the name of a long dead ruler!

    What if that energy is put to some constructive use?

    I am sure several houses could be built for the poor people.

    Or perhaps a few small bridges could be built.

    Or roads and pavements cleared of rubbish.

    But then, politics is important, I guess, to keep people entertained in our country.

  10. Mangal has made a good point. The same applies to some commenters here whose only purpose seems to create fissures in the society with vicious, but needless, posts. If the same energy, webtime, patience and single-minded mission are used for constructive purposes, our country would be a far better place to live in.

    Looking at the long posts some people contribute here makes me wonder if they are sincere at their workplaces or just waste their time on such unethical activities.


    First of all, Pincode Pai should realize that we are talking about Tipu Sultan. As usual, he hides under the non-existing table in his room when I challenge him to comment on his masters. Now, he is questioning me about some unknown entity without naming it. I have no doubt that he is referring to ISIS but can’t directly name it for the fear of backlash in his secret location. After all, he has been forced to grow beard in order to travel to his dreamland where life, in his own words, is thousand times better than in India!!

    • Original R. Pai,( ALIAS “Sathya Prakaasha?! For once, you are right!! It was me!!”) SAYS, “Pincode Pai should realize that we are talking about Tipu Sultan”


      HE FURTHER SAYS, ” life, in his own words, is thousand times better than in India!!” I ONLY STATED THAT THE PERSONS HE ACCUSED ARE THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THEN RSS.


  12. “What do you want me to do? Dress him up in the fashion/custom shown in the link below?” – writes ‘dinka-dinka’ joker Praveena Pinto

    What a weak response AGAIN!!! No wonder you guys are bullied into giving up your share of ‘biriyaani’ by the other group!! Still go ahead and vote for the same Congress election after election!! This is a true blessing for Congress!!

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