Newborn baby’s body found in Qatar Airways plane toilet

Newborn baby’s body found in Qatar Airways plane toilet

An investigation is underway in Indonesia after cleaners found the body of baby in a Qatar Airways aircraft bathroom.

According to media reports, authorities there have arrested a female passenger who had been on the plane, which flew from Doha to Jakarta earlier this week.

The infant, who is estimated to have been born at least two months prematurely, was found in the toilet of the aircraft.

It had been wrapped in tissues, AFP reports.


The newswire added that an “Indonesian migrant worker” was arrested after the discovery. She was taken for a medical check-up before questioning, airport police spokesman Endang Sutrisna said.

“If the results of the doctor’s examination shows she is fit for questioning, then she will be brought to the airport police to answer inquiries, and account for her (alleged) actions,” he said.
Authorities have not stated the woman’s relationship to the baby. They also have not clarified whether the baby was born on the plane or brought onto the aircraft in Doha.

Both Indonesia and Qatar have very strict laws regarding abortion, only allowing it in cases where a woman’s life is at risk.

Though the passenger’s marital status is unclear, single women in Qatar who give birth can be arrested for having sex outside of marriage.

Qatar Airways told Doha News it had no comment about the incident.

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