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Feb 07, 2016
Mangalore: Asian Forest sinks
Published Date: 21 Jul, 2009 (9:41 AM)
  • Special efforts to contain pollution

By Team Mangalorean, Mangalore

MANGALORE July 18, 2009: Asian Forest the Chinese ship that was in peril since Friday morning has finally sunk about 6 nautical miles from the Fareway buoy of Mangalore Port at IST 2.20pm. Confirming the sinking of the ship the coast guard commandant of Karnataka P.S. Jha told press persons that the coast guard has located the place when the ship has sunk and made arrangements to contain the pollution that could spring out from the ship.

The coast guard has asked its Kochi and Mumbai bases to send two more ships with pollution control equipments which will be here on Sunday morning he told. The Ship has sunk between Ullal and Mangalore fishing port at a depth of 22 meters fathoms.

The crew have already recovered from the shock and they are likely to be shifted to a hotel or a guest house in Mangalore where they will be the guests of the New Mangalore port till their owners claim their responsibilities. The captain of the ship Yang Seng Yang has given passports of the crew and his own to the customs officials and also has given a statement to the local police as per the requirements of the international maritime rules. 




The Chinese ship registered in Hong Kong was carrying iron ore to China from New Mangalore Port. It was carrying 13,600 tonnes of iron ore when it drowned. It had in its tanks 1600 liters of High Speed Diesel and 450 tons of furnace oil for its journey up to China.

Shaheen breaks free

KARWAR: Shaheen the cargo ship of Panama which had been marooned near Devagadh near Karwar has now been freed. The ship is now anchored in the deeper waters off Karwar coast in the anchorage of the port.

According to the coast guard officials the ship had problem with the navigation mechanism and had anchored near the Karwar port, but the ship had dragged the anchor on Thursday night and hit the island on Friday morning.  Two tugs from Karwar port today hauled the ship back to the deep waters and the repair of the navigation mechanism was in progress. The captain of the ship has expressed hopes that the ship will be on its way on Monday.
The ship was going on an empty belly to Dubai from Malaysia and had six Indian crew, three Iranians and one Siberian crew. It was chartered by Jabal Ali Trading of Dubai.

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