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Feb 08, 2016
Tulu Sammelana: Tuluvas Meet In Dubai
Published Date: 15 Aug, 2009 (4:40 PM)

By: Alphonse Mendonsa Team Mangalorean

Dubai, Aug 2009:  Various organizations/associations of Gulf met yesterday under the patronage of Padmashree Dr. B.R. Shetty (MD, NMC Group of companies), and welcomed Dr. Veerendra Heggade of Shree Kshetra Dharmastala who arrived in Dubai on his way to India from Russia and Dr. Mohan Alva of Alva’s Education Foundation who especially arrived from India for a very special cause.  These two great tulu personalities arrived in Dubai to brief on upcoming Vishwa Tulu Sammelana to be held in Ujre in December.   

The programme began about 7:30pm at  Al Holdaj Banquet & Conference Hall of Lotus Hotel Dubai. All Karnataka associations of U.A.E. like  Tulu Koota, Kannada Sangha, Mangalore Konkans and leaders of Tulu associations of Doha, Muscat & Kuwait were also present.  Mr. Sarvothama Shetty, Rajyostava Awardee & President of Karnataka Sangha Abu Dhabi welcomed the chief guests Dr. Veerenda Heggade and Dr. Mohan Alva to the dais.  He also requested other dignitaries Mr. Surendra Heggade -brother of Dr. Veerendra Heggade, Mr. Pitamber-Tulu Koota Muscat, Mr. Ravi Shetty-President, Tulu Koota Qatar, Mr. C.R. Shetty-President Tulu Koota U.A.E , Mr. Elias Sanctis, President, Tulu Koota Kuwait, and Mr. N.S. Shetty, of Tulu Koota Kuwait.  Mr. Sarvotham Shetty introduced Dr. Veerendra Hegde to the gathering and requested Dr. B.R. Shetty to felicitate him.

Dr. B.R. Shetty felicitated Dr. Veerendra Heggade & Dr. Mohan Alva with shawls, floral bouquets, fruits.  The leaders of various associations esp. Mr. Ravi Shetty-Doha, Mr. Elias Sanctis-Kuwait, Mr. L.V. Putran of Mogaveers of U.A.E. Mr. Dr. B.K. Yousuf-Beary Community also felicitated Dr. Veerendra Heggade and Dr. Mohan Alva respectively.
































Dr. Veerendra Hegadde gracefully accepted the invitation and thanked Dr. B.R. Shetty for taking all the steps and arrangement of such a big gathering.  He was also pleased with the affection and hospitality of the all tuluvas in U.A.E.  He briefly narrated beauty of Dakishna Kannada and said we are blessed by all Gods.  Wherever tulu people go they exhibit truth, justice and love and adapt to any situations.  He clearly said all tulu speaking people he meant all people of Dhakshina Kannada, Christians, Muslims though their mother tongue is different but always converse in tulu language.  He then explained the purpose of their visit to UAE i.e. to brief and plan proposed Vishwa Tulu Sammelana to be held in Ujre (Karnataka) from 10th December to 12th December 2009.

Dr. Veerandra Haggade delivered his address and explained in brief how the three day sammelana can be organized, the purpose behind and plans to be made.  He said Tulu has rich culture consisting of Drama, Yakshagana, tradition, art and various tulu activities which are on the verge of vanishing due to negligence, educational growth and development, and many other reasons.  He said it is time to get our act together to revive all tulu culture, language and many other issues connected with Tulu Nadu.  The three day sammelana are based on three goals i.e. Tulu Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.  There was also report that Tulu language will soon vanish or on the verge of extinct.  He clarified that it is not true and there is no need to fear as more than a crore people of tulu Nadu still speak tulu language not only by tulu people but all faiths such as Christians and Muslims.  He also narrated how in the past many legends such as Koti Chennayya fought for Tulu Nadu and Tulu language. He called upon members of all associations to come together and work zealously toward success of Vishwa Tulu Sammelana.  This is not only exhibition of our art, drama and culture but more on how to develop our language and debate on many burning issues of tulu, investments, etc.  He then requested Dr. Mohan Alva who will be acting as General Secretary and in charge of over all aspects of Sammelana to explain to public in detail, the plans, dates, topics, theme, programmes, etc.

First of all Dr. Alva thanked and praised Dr. Veerendra Heggade for his initiative for Vishwa Sammelana and said with his blessings and support he has no doubt it will be a grand success.  Prior to the Sammelana Dr. Mohan Alva continued saying that there would be 6 or 7 Saturdays of each week to discuss/debate on issues and conference are being planned in various cities such as Udupi, Bantwal, Sulva, Karkal, Kasargod, Puttur, Ujre in October-November this year.  The topics would be discussed are: Business, Religion, culture, Jewellery, language, tradtion, various sports such as Kamballa, Education & literature.  The reason behind today’s meet is to form various committees from representative of UAE associations and arrange all the programmes step by step.  He praised. all tulu speaking people who are directly or indirectly involved in development of Tulu Language.  He specially said every entertainment programme of Catholics held in their church compounds consist of Tulu dramas without which there is no proper entertainment.  Secondly he said Beary community always speak tulu language even in their homes in spite of having their own mother tongue.
He also called upon all tulu speaking people those who want to visit this sammelana to register via logging into and payment of small fee of Rs.250.  This will entitle them to visit the sammelana and get accommodation and other facilities.

There were also speeches by all association heads of the Gulf who overwhelmingly supported this cause and extend their helping hand at all times.  The speakers were Mr. Ravi Shetty, Mr. Elias Sanctis, Mr. C.R. Shetty, Dr. Yousuf of Beary’s Cultural Forum, L.V. Puthran of Mogaveers UAE.  Dr. B.R. Shetty gave a brief talk and promised Dr. Veerendra heggade his full support via all UAE tulu kuta/associations.

The discussions/question answers session was held to clear any doubts and suggestions for better performance of the Vishwa Tulu Sammelana.  Some of the important questions that were raised by Mr. Herman Lewis of 105.4 HM Radio-Spice channel who suggested including and encouraging youngsters into the mainstream of this sammelana so that there won’t be any problem in future to develop and continue tulu traditions and activities via more this type of Sammelans.  He also suggested on part of investments in Dakshina Kannada where all investors should form non-government forum and invest in such a way that any change of governments will not affect their investments. This suggestion was very well received by the chief guests and pubic as well as it was generally felt that when every government change in the state would automatically affect their investments.  Mr. Herman later also suggested that this sammelana to start a tulu channel and publish via TV and media to get more support.  There were many questions were raised on investments and a few suggestions were given by Dr. Veerendra Heggade and Dr. Mohan Alva.  There was also suggestion to change the date of Sammelan due to non-availability of holidays/vacations but finally decided on the same date as many other programs collide with other suggested dates.  Dr. Mohan Alva took notes of many questions and suggestions and will communicate with UAE tulu chapter on future developments.

Prior to closing the meeting, some students of SDM college of Ujre have specially come to meet Dr. Veerendra Haggade and felicitated him with floral bouquettes.  Mr. Sarvotham Shetty thanked all media people prior to vote of thanks by Dr. Mohan Alva who appreciated all for attending this meeting and all their enthusiasm /interest in Vishwa Tulu Sammelana.

A delicious dinner was served for all those who attend the get-together and the programme ended at about 11:30 mid night.

For registration and contact details on Vishwa Tulu Sammelana, please visit the following site



Vishwa Tulu Sammelana, Ujire
Belthangady taluk
Dakishana Kannada – 574240
E – Mail:
Website :

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Praveen Puthran, UAE Oct 11, 2009
Hi to all tulu nadda janakuleg,

Nice pictures, I and my wife would like to join the tulu association. We are based in Dubai and would like to know the procedure and who would we contact. My contact number is me at
sushanth, India Oct 4, 2009
it's good..
S. S. Kaup, USA Aug 17, 2009
The Vishwa Thulu Sammelana is a magnificent expression of the work of those who really care about their people. Drs. Heggade, Alva, Pai, Yenappayya and many many others should be admired and duly recognized for their worthy contributions to the Thulu speaking area and beyond. These people are engaged in transforming the culture of this area using education as the key instrument. Dr. B. R. Shetty and his cohorts should be commended for bringing the message to Dubai and highlighting the significance of this movement.

One of the critical roles this movement can play is to bring people of different religion, caste and class under the umbrella of THOULAVAS (Thule Speaking people) as equals in every respect and NOT as Hindus, Jains, Christians, Muslims, Bunts, Billavas, Mogaveeras or any other designations of social order. After all, we all came from the same stock. But for our prejudices, we could have been one people without any differences.

These religious differences and social order designations are destroying India's potential to offer its people to live in peace and happiness. Those who have studied world religions know that every religion offers unifying influence for good behavior. Unfortunately, at the same time, it is used as the weapon of distrust and destruction.

Let us make the religion as the personal pursuit, not as an imposition on others.

Let us meet and interact as human beings and THOULAVAS.

The traditions practiced, values held and tools used by Thulu speaking people are unique and should be cherished.

The Thulu language is a tool of communication. But it is a unifying and powerful tool.

Another mission and perhaps equally important one is to explore the history, intent and benefits of every one of these traditions, values and tools and review their efficacy in a evolving and changing envorinment. Archive those which have outmoded their usefulness in a museum and cherish others.
Shridhara Achar, Bangalore, India Aug 13, 2009
Hats off to Tuluvas of Gulf countries for coming together to felicitate Dr. Veerendra Heggade Dharmadhikari fo Dharmasthala. Vishwa Tulu Sammelana under the leadership of Dr Heggade will be succesfull with the active participation of Tuluvas from all over the world. Dr.B.R. Shetty the dynamic leader of UAE will obviously lead the Tuluvas of Gulf region to make the proposed Sammelana a grand success. TULUVERENKLU-MATHA BALLE.
Kushal N. Bangera, Oman Aug 11, 2009
Thanks to Dr. B. R. Shetty and his team for arranging such an event and bringing Gulf Tulu Koota closer as one team. good luck for Vishwatulusammelana team. Good to see Dear Pitamber Alke as a Rep. of Oman. Thanks to for covering this even and putting up such a beautifull pictures on your site as usual.
Lancy Dsouza, UAE Aug 10, 2009
Nice pictures, detail report & very good coverage.

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