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Feb 09, 2016
Badila Guthu House - a Century old Heritage
Published Date: 26 Apr, 2010 (6:47 PM)

By Team Mangalorean (With inputs from Jagannath Shetty Bala)
Pics Rajesh Shetty

Mangalore April 15, 2010: Badila Guthu house at Kannur on NH-48 is on the threshold of celebrating glorious 100 years! This Guthu house that sheltered traditional undivided Bunt family was designed by the skilled architects from Kerala when it was built back in 1909, at a cost of Rs. 35000/-. This house was built by Dooma Rai in lieu of the Muli Straw roofed Badila Guthu house that was devastated in a fire incident in the year 1904.

Dooma Rai was the founder president of Bunts Maathra Sangha(Mother Association) and during those days, he had also owned a famous Tile factory. The Badila Guthu house had a private judiciary system where justice was given to people living in the village and this Guthu family also held the right to run the Temple rituals in the surroundings.

This majestic structure has been built on a vast expanse of land and has 21 rooms. It also has the Chaavadi of Dhoomavathi Daiva with artistic pillars with wood carvings on them.






























Senior member of Badila Guthu Mr Premadas Shetty has already arrived here from Bangalore, few days ago to oversee the celebrations. “On the wake of centenary celebrations, I have prepared the family tree of all the members of Badila Guthu family,” Mr Shetty said adding that he has put in lot of efforts to invite as many family members as possible for the centenary function from all over the world.

Mr Shetty said that the senior most members of the family including Sitaram Shetty, Gulabi Alva, Rathna, Vasanthram Shetty and Kasturi Ajila were felicitated during a felicitation ceremony organized on April 14, 2010 in honour of the senior members of the Guthu house. According to Mr Shetty this Guthu house has a history of over 800 years.

Speaking to our correspondent, one of the senior members of the family Sukhalatha Shetty reminisced that the Badila Guthu Kambala was famous until recently. The Guthu house also possessed paddy fields that produced over 3000 Mudis of rice, she said.

Three families belonging to the Badila Guthu house, namely Sathish Rai, his brother Suresh Rai and Vasanthram Shetty, still live in the ancestral house. Premadas Shetty also lives here with his relatives when he visits from Bangalore. He has also formed a Trust to maintain the house.

Mr Shetty says the house was not only well known for its elegant architecture, but has appeared in many films too. About 18 years ago, the shooting for Tamil film 'Thannikatte Rajan' starring Rajnikanth was done in this home and only last year, Arjun Sarja did the shooting session for his nephew Chiranjeevi Sarja's film 'Vaayuputra' here. Last month, Yogaraj Bhat's film 'Pancharangi' was also shot here.

Today, there are 310 families associated with this Guthu house and the total number of family members has exceeded 700, says Premadas Shetty.

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kamalakar mangalore, India Sep 1, 2013
shruthi, India Apr 18, 2013
Very nice article. Can I get contact number of any family member of this house. We are willing to visit for the purpose of making a video feature.
SHAILARAJ SHETTY, India Apr 7, 2012
Pradeep Shetty, Canada Oct 3, 2010
Lot of nostalgic memories of the house where my grand mother Laxmi Hegde(Naik) was born and raised.. I had visited this house so many times.,when I was growing up in Manglore. House looks much more in better shape then it used to be. really proud of some of you making an effort to preserve this beautiful piece of history for future generations.
Keep up the good work
Pradeep Shetty
K Sanmath Hegde, India May 7, 2010
i am proud to be a part of this great family.
NIthesh Rai muscat, Oman Apr 18, 2010
Congratulations to the badilaguttu family. Good article at a very right time. Good to see shakinanna. I believe people from bangalore has been forgotten who are very close to the family........
Venu Bhandary, Beliyuruguthu, Oman Apr 17, 2010
Thank You for the beautiful coverage and thanks Mr. Rajesh Shetty for the initiative and effort to report such a wonderful heritage. It is a great feeling that such a house maintained intact in this devided generation. I would like to recall about Mr. Raghunath Rai (I am not sure about the sirname, whether it is Rai or Shetty and we used to call him Raghu doddappa)who hails from this esteemed family and his wife belongs to Beliyuruguthu family. We always had been enjoying his visits due to his jokes filled talks. I miss him. Very kind towards children and a great personality.
Mandar, Argentina Apr 16, 2010
Its as per Vastu Shastra. hail the hindu technique!
Francis Lobo,Bejai, India Apr 16, 2010
Congratulations to the Badila Guthu family for retaining the house and celebrating 100 years. The shinning red oxide floors and the wooden roof brings me back the memories. Most of the olden houses in similar two decades back and protected people from the summer and rains.We used to live in such houses but smaller in area.We never felt the summers due to the wooden roofs and no electricity or fans were needed to keep cool. Surrounded by plenty of vegetation people lived with nature.Today most of these houses have been converted to 4 to 6 story buildings and few only can be found in the outside Mangalore
BSB, India Apr 16, 2010
Congrats to the Badila Guthu family for having maintained this house in pristine condition all these years. And it is of course a refreshing change in a city where many old/ traditional houses have been razed to ground to pave way for multi-storeyed structures.

Congrats to team Mangalorean for spreading awareness on existence of such heritage structures. Kindly keep covering one such structure every month.
SHAKIN SHETTY.B., India Apr 16, 2010
Thanks For The Good Work Ofyou All.
Thanks From Badila Family Members
DONY LOBO, DOHA, Qatar Apr 16, 2010
Magnificant photographs of a majestic structure, reflecting the architectural brilliance of our forefathers of the coastal region. As these pictures take us back to those great times when this structure would have been built, I am also tempted to request any knowledgeable person to kindly enlighten the readers of this august portal of ours, to write a brief history along with pictures of three (or may be even more) great centuries old structures which are very much in Mangalore itself viz. The Temple of Kudpi, The Kadri Temple and even the Mangaladevi Temple.

I have also seen a similar structure like the Badila Guthu House in Kalangute Goa, near the famous Infernata Bakery, which is beleived to have been built around the 16th century by the Kadamba rulers,with the huge main door with the Beam that can be pushed into the walls to open the door. Even Fr.Agnelo (now being pronounced as a Saint) was supposed to have lived there for nearly 8 years of his lifetime.
hemraj n. pakkala badilaguthu, India Apr 16, 2010
i am proud to be a part of this great family.
sooryanaryan, India Apr 16, 2010
really liked the way the house has been maintained. most of the old houses are crumbling & it is a pleasure to see the way this house has been maintained. credit goes to the present generation residing here. i feel should publish more such articles specially the history of DK & udupi dists.

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