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Feb 13, 2016
Mangalore: 'Byari' the Movie Aims to Stress on Community Justice
Published Date: 06 Jun, 2011 (2:05 PM)

By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangalore June 4:  Tannir Films held a media meet on June 4 to announce the release of their first film "Byari" on June 9 at Prabhat Theatre  and Adlabs.
Addressing the media the producer of the film, Altaf Hussain, said that the name Beary is not only the name of the language but it is one of the minority community from coastal Karnataka. The movie 'Byari' is picturized on the culture, tradition and language of Beary community.  Beary community is known for business.  The movie is picturized on the misuse of 'Iddath' (Marriage) and 'Talaq' (divorce).

In 'Byari' movie, the girl Nadira faces problems after her marriage from her own father. Tamil actress Mallika has played the Muslim girl Nadira's role impressingly, while renowned Malayalam actor Mammu Koya has played the leading role.
The shooting of the movie took pace in DK district like Suratkal, Jokatte, Bajpe, Thokottu and Kerala state too. The production cost of the movie is aproximately  Rs 70 lakh.
The movie depicts the pros and cons of divorce in Islam and how badly Muslim girls are affected from the law in Islam.  The movie is applicable to the entire Muslim community and has highlighted the strict laws and regulations of marriage in Islam. The movie tries to bring to the notice of the Islam law-makers to think positively and to give justice to the innocent Muslim girls.
The director of the movie is Suveeran. The story is written  by Irfan Chokkabettu, dialogues by Ibrahim Tannirbavi, lyrics by Shivadas Purameri, songs by Manjari and music by Vishwajith.
As mentioned already, Tamil actor Mallika, popular Malayalam actor Mummu Koya have played leading roles. Baby Shantha, Riyaz Ahraf, Baby Aizin, Althaf Krishnapur, Ambika Mohan, Rahim Ucchil, Mazeed, Prajesh, Sudarshan, Sharif Katipalla, Shamsuddin, Kabir Katipalla,  Ashwathi, Roopa Varkady, Asha, Asfiya, KTS Padanna,  Batthisha Puttur and Annath have also acted in the movie.
Senior writer Mohammed Badoor, Irfan, Shamshad and Riyaz were also present at the media meet.

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Riyaz Mohammed, Oman Mar 10, 2012
What Hanif Abdurashid,Saudi Arabia is said absolutely true."divorce in Islam and how badly Muslim girls are affected from the law in Islam" it's is a very wrong statement.What is the source of Islam is The Qur'an and authentic hadeeth( Means sayings of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH).If anyone read both with open mind will come to the truth.If anyone condemns Islam or other religions without knowing its basics is verily pasuality.What inside the beary community face the problem is not related to Islam,but to the social upper and lower system in the community.That means they are theirself not following Islam.
What Islam means is PEACE.So before using the pen one should study the both.The community and it's relation to which religios and its scriptures.Peace to all
Hanif Abdurashid, Saudi Arabia Jun 6, 2011
Your statement "divorce in Islam and how badly Muslim girls are affected from the law in Islam" is written without the basic knowledge of Islam. There may some evil customs and treditions followed by muslims in a particular region, or by a particular group, but that is not based on true teachings of Islam. Approximately one fifth of the world’s population consists of Muslims. There are different Muslim societies - Some may be close to Islam, some may be far away from Islam. The ‘Women’s rights in Islam should be judged according to the authentic sources, and not what individual Muslims do, or what the Muslim society does.
yakub dubai, UAE Jun 5, 2011
Bearrys community come out of the internal issues and look to the world. This good atleast bearry community to be more focus.
Saira Rasheed, USA Jun 4, 2011
I checked the trailer and a movie scene on you tube. Looks very interesting….. This movie is definitely on my must watch list. Here is a link to the movie trailer and a scene from the movie” Byari”
Edmond Noronha, India Jun 4, 2011
Dear Beary Brethern

Come closer build relation and fil the gap widened by the so called psedos.

Many more movies, contribution towards art and culture.
Mammu Koya is superb.

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