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Feb 12, 2016
Krishna Palemar has Resigned Honestly: Monappa Bhandary
Published Date: 08 Feb, 2012 (4:08 PM)

By Akram Mohammed
Pics by JP
Team Mangalorean   

Mangalore: Spokesperson of district BJP Monappa Bhandary has said here on Wednesday, February 8 that Krishna Palemar has resigned 'honestly'.

Palemar is one among the three who have resigned after the recent scandal of porn clippings at Vidhana Soudha. It has been alleged that the porn clip was sent from Krishna Palemar's cell phone.

'BJP is known for its discipline. All the MLAs and MPs of the party are well-disciplined,' Bhandary said.

'Krishna Palemar is a honest member of the party. The scandal is inhuman. Since Palemar's name was involved in the scandal he has resigned to uphold the dignity of the party. And the episode is now a closed chapter,' he added.

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Original R.Pai, USA Feb 13, 2012
Dear Shaikh from Turkey,

You still haven't provided *any* proof or references to show that BJP killed "thousands of Christians" in Orissa. May be, you should admit your mistake.

Don't work yourself up too high on the issue of pornography. Similar to any other addictions, watching porn could turn into an issue as well. As Puttur Dinesh pointed out, it can have a negative impact on your life and relationship. (By the way, this is true with any addiction!!) As long as it is an individual choice and doesn't hurt anyone, we should leave it alone. What bothers me about these 'three idiots' is their incompetency, not what they carry in their mobile phones.
Claudy, India Feb 12, 2012
Let us forget about blamegame, religion,culture for a while and try to respect every other individual so that this forum for which it was formed may properly be utilised and one can improve his knowledge and try to build corruptless Nation. Corrupt less in the sense ,let there be peace,justice,morality,sincerity, truth, and rules in all walks of life. Accountability should be a must in each and every thing we do. Kindly join hands NOW and try to build a strong Nation ,a good society lest next generation will never hear of RAMRAJ
shaihh mohd Rizwan, Turkey Feb 11, 2012
Dear readers,

Mr.Original Pai

When you have so much information about illegal activities in Mangalore why don't you ask pink chaddy award winner Mutalik,Bajrang Dal or women wing Durgavahini to take appropriate action.Who know some of the shop's may belonged to RSS, Palemar or may be yourself after all Mangalore is ruled by BJP. Do you spend every week ends in hostels in Mangalore all the way from America?

Stop your stereotype and start loving humanity.I don't mind you worship these sadist ministers or RSS political wing BJP it is your private business.But defending a wrong cause is seriously objectionable.Did you contact the said dept.for further information? After all every bit of truth is bitter for the Jackal.

Jai Hind
Original R.Pai, USA Feb 11, 2012
@Shaik from Turkey:
For the record, you still haven’t provided any proof or references to show that BJP actually killed ‘thousands of Christians’ in Orissa!! I consider all your predictable ramblings on Malegaon, Ajmer and other blasts as an attempt to divert the topic and hide your inability to provide the proof that I have demanded.

Your take on pornography shows your ‘intentional’ ignorance on the topic. You can find many book shops in the heart of Mangalore city selling publications filled with soft porn. How do you think all those ‘mobile shops’ manage to stay in business? Do you think they sell only iPhone apps ? smiles…A random visit to any college hostel on Saturday night will help you understand what our youngsters do!!

Agreed – The ‘three idiots’ got what they deserved. In my opinion, they are no different from other corrupt, idiotic politicians we have. We need to discourage ‘Jerry Springer’ journalism and focus more on real cases of corruption and abuse.

@ Vincent:
You disappoint me with your ‘not-so-intelligent’ posts. How did you get the idea that I supported ‘Operation Kamala’? Did you just make that up similar to your name and location? Go back and see my old posts and how critical I was on operation kamala and other shenanigans by state BJP.
shaikh Mohd rizwan, Turkey Feb 10, 2012
Dear readers,

Mr.Original Pai you seems to be a excellent stage player and die-hard supporter of RSS political wing BJP.

You are very much right internal threat is more dangerous to national security.Let's take an example of Mecca Masjid blast,Ajmer darga blast,Malegaon blast,samjotha express blast.....real terrorist is still at large.The govt.of India luckily caught only still alive Pakistani Ajmal Kasab.If late Hemanat karkare was still alive he would have spilled the worm of can.For this Congress has reached tactical understanding closed door with BJP to save the govt.

There are many people in India who do not have access to Internet never watched porn.Most of the Indian population leaves in rural India and electricity is mere big privilege.House is considered as a "Temple" and it has its own sanctity. Among these three sadist minister one is "Women and Child welfare minister".Nobody has right to interfere in private life but they are caught doing in the middle of heated debate of Communal violence and culture integrity.There are various section of law in Indian panel code the govt. of India has no control for some of the websites.If you remembered Supreme court of India has passed ruling to remove objectionable material or face a ban.

If you don't have any compulsion for deceased Graham staines,sister Lalita and thousand other figure it is really useless. You can further contact Archbishop of Orissa and CBI headquarters in Delhi for further clarification.

Jai Hind

Original R.Pai, USA Feb 10, 2012
@ Shaikh from Turkey:
Just a reminder - You haven't provided any proof to show that BJP killed 'thousands of christians' in Orissa.

@ other readers:
Let's take a step back and see what happened here. Three idiots were caught watching porn clips on their mobile phone. These guys also masquerade as ‘ministers’ in a society where incompetency seems to buy you more power and popularity than any another skills. Now - Is it a crime to be stupid and get caught on tape? Well, not really. Is watching porn a crime? Again – Tell me who amongst us hasn’t watched porn? I find the whole incident blown out of proportion by our 24x7 news channels whose format reminds me more of ‘Jerry Springer’ than a true journalism. I find reports on people like Reddy-Yeddy, kalla-kalmadi, spectrum-Raaja more relevant. I find those reports on internal enemies helping real terrorists more important. I find actions of honest-PM and dhoti-HM more troubling for ignoring issues that are important to national security and stability.

As to the response from other political parties – Well, you can’t expect anything better. The cult is desperate to retain the lost glory from ‘petta-kanji’ days. With elections around the corner, these guys will exploit everything from Island festival to Kalladka Bhatta.
ray, UAE Feb 9, 2012
he has no dignity in front of the people;any ways his contribution is zero to public works - he better resign and do his brokerage-politics without principles is useless and dangerous-
shaikh mohd rizwan, Turkey Feb 9, 2012
Dear readers,

Mr. Pai you should be proud to be Indian watching these three sadist MLA in the major American Channel from your own RSS political wing BJP.It has brought shame to democracy of India in International level which was only known to corruption until know included one more chapter open house "porn" watching debate.

By staying in US you have forgotten the entire history, Kandhmal, Graham Staines, Nun Lalita, Orphange burnt down? BJP MLA Manoj Pradan incited the mob for violence and Dara singh and 12 associates where later convicted for murder by CBI? I don't think you need figures in damage to property and lives.

The communal violence of such atrocity is only possible under most developed state of Gujrath under Narendra Modi and underdeveloped state of Orissa under BJD Naveen Patnaik and Bharthiya Janata Party.

Karnataka is not exceptional ,most communal violence in your own Mangalore dist.Apart from large scale corruption,now dishonoring sanctity of the house by watching rape and Porn clips by elected members.

Monappa bhandary is blind worshiper of BJP but you educated settled in America the same?

Jai Hind

Simon Lasrado,Bangalore, India Feb 9, 2012
Dear Monappa Bhandary it is not true that Krishna Palemar has Resigned Honestly but on the previous night(on that evening of viewing the blue film clippings in Vidhana Soudha) BJP National President Mr.Nitin Gadkari had ordered CM Sadanandha Gowda and State President Eshwarappy to drop these three accused Ministers immidietely and if they did not resign then dismiss them from the party. Fearing this situation, Palemar and the other two on the very next day gave their resignation to the Governor.
M.A.S. Mangalore, India Feb 9, 2012
'BJP is known for its discipline. All the MLAs and MPs of the party are well-disciplined,' Bhandary said. And the episode is now a closed chapter,' he added.
What do you mean by well disciplined, and the episode is now a closed chapter; Ist well disciplined MLAs are watching porn movie in the assembly during the session; Ist people elected their representatives to watch porn movie during the session or people elected them to solve/discuss the issues and development of the constituencies. In personal life they can do what ever they want no body will interfere but not in the Legislative Assembly during the session And how the episode is now a closed chapter, cancel their legislative membership and put them behind the bars and apologize with 6 crores of peoples of KarNataka then tell episode is now a closed chapter. Shame on you defending such misbehaved ministers We have seen many scandals from all the parties but this is the first time in the history of India and defending the so called ministers. SHAME ON YOU
Anner- Kudla, India Feb 9, 2012
Kisnanna, I dont think there is a need in correcting my statement. You must be one of those drop out i presume, else you would have understood the diffrence in politics and politrics.
The US guy Dinesanna, There is no need to blame. i will do that but being a preacher u should stand tall as a sample specimen where as i can see u blaming someone or a group!! poor guys teaching others something and doing something else!
Guys go with the news and my comments are not for you, its my "FREEDOM" and my thoughts and i am open to changes when i find a sensible comment
krishna, India Feb 9, 2012
indian politrics is ruled by the un educated, school droped out , goons , game boys and what better we expect from them? is it their fault or ours?? ....Anner

You need to correct your statement.

Mr MMS is a great Scholar, world's renowned economic wizard, one of the highly educated Prime ministers in the world. He has allowed mother of all corruptions to happen in this country during his tenure. No other Prime minister can beat his record as far as total loss to the national exchequer.
His colleague Chiddu a Howard University qualified Economist had a close association with Raja and allowed him to loot the national resources. Over and above he had managed to win the elections through fraud.
Kapil and Pranab also are also well educated and trying shield the dirty deeds of the ruling party.
In practical sense there no difference between well educated and less educated politicians
krishna, India Feb 9, 2012
Mr Yogish Bhat shuold replace Mr Krishna Palemar. Three times winner Mr Bhat highly deserves to become a minister.
Another deserving honest party worker Mr. Angara from Sullya also should be given ministerial berth.
Original R.Pai, USA Feb 9, 2012
"The BJP coalition governement killed thousands of tribal Christans in orissa" Shaikh Mohd Rizwan, Turkey

Dear friend,
It is okay to express your disappointment over the incident where these three idiots are caught watching a video clip. However, why do you have to make up stuff on Orissa? Thousands killed by BJP? Where do you get your news from?
Puttur Dinesh, USA Feb 9, 2012
Yatha Praja Thatha Raja

Anner Kudla there is no need to blame anyone. sex is a basic need of human beings. Most Indians and Middle Easterners are sexually starved when they cannot get any they say they are religious and pious people.

India is next only to Africa in HIV infection, I hope that explains a lot about conservative anti pub culture. It is a good thing BJP came to power and people got to see their real face. Their religion, morality is all bs.

They need to be honest and admit that they watched porn and move on with life. There is no point in being a hypocrite. Have a island party for BJP and get the urge out of your system.

O pai is probably mad that his gang disappointed him.
Shetty, India Feb 9, 2012
Did he says honest or hornyest membery of the party ???
Anner - Kudla, India Feb 8, 2012
Guys, Highly educated indian dont want politrics, they join big companies in India.
Educated indian do not want to join politrics rather they go to US, UK. the rest little educated and the uneducated guys without any tricks go to the gulf and finally our indian politrics is ruled by the un educated, school droped out , goons , game boys and what better we expect from them? is it their fault or ours??
shaikh mohd rizwan, Turkey Feb 8, 2012
Dear readers,

Mr.Monappa Bhandary,

BJP is known for discipline?

Advani inspired hatred in the name of "Rath Yathra" Narendra Modi failed to provide security for 57 Hindu pilgrims and mascaraed about 5000 Muslim minority The BJP coalition governement killed thousands of tribal Christans in orissa.

B.S.Yudurapa tainted for Masters of the scams in Karnataka for Mining and land garbing.

Mr.Halappa and Mr.Renukacharya Rape and Sex.

To the lease Savdi,Patil and grand father aged Palemar disrespecting the sanctity of the house watching "Rape" and "Porn".

Mr.Bhandari what is the meaning of "honesty" to you? Are you expecting them to do it in public?

Jai Hind
KRPrabhu,Mangalore/Bangalore, India Feb 8, 2012
Hello Monappa,what is there 'honesty' for Palemar's resignation? Otherwise he would have been sacked...
Lawrence, USA Feb 8, 2012
Krishna Palemar was a powerful voice of DK district and I am sorry to hear that we have lost him for a few seconds of childishness. He had a "Teenager" in him.

On a given Friday night here in Chicago, thousands of people drink and drive which is a very serious crime. However, only less than one percent are caught and prosecuted.

How many more have watched the clippings during the assembly is a million dollar question.

sathya Prasad, India Feb 8, 2012
Do you(BJP) know the meaning of Honesty?.Shame.....Shame...

Shameer, UAE Feb 8, 2012
Krishna Palemar is a honest member of the party. Thank God you guys didn't say it was a preplanned by Congress and JDS ;)
Preeti Amin, Mangalore, India Feb 8, 2012
why closed chapter ? you think what you do is right every time you are the bharathya scandalous party, it seems like you have taken oath to create scandals every year. does this also include in your yearly budget ? probably this chapter is opened to close.....
Ahmed, India Feb 8, 2012
"BJP is known for its discipline. All the MLAs and MPs of the party are well-disciplined,' Bhandary said."
Well disciplined ??? We have been witnessing all the circus of BJP.

"And the episode is now a closed chapter,' he added."
No it is not closed chapter until they are expelled from the party.
Jameel/Mangalore, India Feb 8, 2012
Dont worry, manipady will be there with a new drama
Rajesh Gonsalves, India Feb 8, 2012
There is no word as honesty, only opportunistic in politics. He has brought disgrace to all of us in DK district. Now lets see what his guru K.P. Bhat has to say at the next samajotsava.
Girish Kunjathabail, India Feb 8, 2012
“BJP is condemning the conversion and also love jihad. Through love jihad Muslim youth take advantage of Hindu girls and push them into prostitution. BJP will not allow the Muslim youth to take advantage of our community women. Whatever Prabhakar Bhat said is true and BJP will support him fully and no one can stop him from delivering speeches. Said Monappa Bhandary in a press meet on January 25.

Now I am asking with Bhandary what were the 3 ministers were doing? This is not a love Jihad, not a conversion but they were watching porn clips. What a shame. This is a shame to the district. How these politicians will provide security to females if they are tempted to watch porn clips. Now tell me how honest Krishna Palemar is ??? Bhandary please send Kalladka Bhat to preach these threeS -EX Ministers. All the best to you.

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