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Feb 06, 2016
Mangalore: Sisters of Charity of St Vincent Convent Celebrate Centenary
Published Date: 19 Apr, 2012 (10:46 PM)

By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

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Mangalore: The centenary of the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent Convent Kankanady  was celebrated in the Fr Muller Institutions Institution campus  here on April 19.

Bishop Dr Aloysius P D'Souza along with Archbishop Dr Bernard Moras of Bangalore celebrated the thanksgiving Eucharistic Mass in the Fr Muller Chapel. 

A felicitation programme was held, which began with a prayer dance by the students of Fr Muller institutions. A centenary documentary was presented on the occasion.

Director FMCI Fr Patrick Rodrigues welcomed the gathering. Provincial superior Sr Matilda Monterio felicitated the superiors, nursing superintendents and principals with shawl,   memento and  garland .

Addressing the gathering Sr Monterio said that St Vincent convent has been an integral part of Fr Muller Hospital and it has played an important role in the ministry of healing and comforting the sick and the suffering as well as in sharing professional knowledge and skills to the nursing students of Fr Muller hospital. 

Further she said, "The selfless service of our sisters both past and present is gratefully remembered for they went about their duties with smiling faces among the patients or students, diffusing good cheer and sunshine everywhere. The sisters have been like ministering angels at Fr Muller not only in caring for the patients but more so in cases of death, when the sisters stood by the side of the bereaved families, consoling, comforting and helping them in times of pain and anguish." 

While concluding she prayed that the Lord fortify them to carry forward with unstinted zeal and generosity, the mission of healing and comforting the sick and suffering in the spirit of the compassionate healer and continue to work, she said.

Papal blessing was read out by Sr Irene Jane D'Souza and was handed over to Sr Fernandes. All the sisters who had served for over 10 years in the institution were felicitated with shawl and memento.

Archbishop Bernard Moras, who had served as director at Fr Muller many years ago, addressing the gathering said that the sisters of charity served the institution with dedication.  It is not a mere service but it is a mission for all. Further he said, "Jesus went on curing the sick and comforting them. Serving the sick and the untouchables is not a glamorous job but the sisters came to serve them when no one was allowed to touch the leprosy patients. In olden times leprosy patients were kept separately and no one was allowed to see them. During that time the sisters came to serve them without discrimination of caste, creed and colour.  The patients were waiting for the sisters to visit them with their healing touch." 

He added, "Sisters of charity are concerned about others and the institution and they are available 24 X7 to serve the needy.  Sometimes work for them is their prayer and sometimes prayer is work." 

While concluding he said, "Formation of young hearts and minds is very important because they are the future of the society and the institution."

Bishop Aloysius, Archbishop Bernard and another former director Fr Peter Noronha were felicitated with shawl,  memento and garland by Sr Matilda Monteiro.

Former priests who had served the institutions were also felicitated with shawl and memento.

Bishop Aloysius released a souvenir on the occasion.  In his presidential address he said that the Sisters of Charity had a mission to serve the patients with their healing touch.  "They leave their homes and  serve the society at large forgetting their pain. They find happiness in serving the sick and comforting them," he said in praise of them.

The students of Fr Muller Institution performed a ballet 'Seva Sankalpa' on the occasion.  The programme concluded with the institution anthem.

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Dr. Cajetan Coelho, India Apr 21, 2012
Hearty congratulations to the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent Convent.
Kenosis Foundation-India (KFI), India Apr 20, 2012
Young and Old the messenger of God deserves appreciation and celebration of love,affection and care shared to the underpriveledged children, youth and women of their service location.

Those who have been part of this charity innovative services to the needy be encouraged and supported by socially like minded people like you and me.

I wish the to continue to this good work to let the world know what is happening in and around the world today.

With regards
Isaac roy
Founder and Director
Kenosis Foundation-India (KFI)
JUDITH, India Apr 20, 2012
Max and Jessie Rasquinha, USA Apr 20, 2012
Sisters of Charity nuns residing and serving at the Fr.Muller's Hospital have always been the integral part of the Charitable Institution. The nuns not only serve the patients with a touch of class and quality but they have also been largely instrumental in creating a kind of professionalism towards the medical service of Fr. Mullers from the very inception.

The Sisters of Charity nuns have also created a sense of close bonding within the entire medical staff of Fr. Mullers which in turn has rendered the best of service to the patients. The nuns have always treated the Leprosy Asylum as close neighbours.

Our own sister served the Sisters of Charity for more than fifty years, and she virtually stayed at Fr. Muller's from where she continued her Graduate studies. While we shall always remain grateful to Fr.Mullers Charitable Institution, we shall always cherish the good memories of our association with Sisters of Charity because our sister was also part of the congregation and obviously also became part of the dedication towards the sick and the suffering. The sisters always remembered us in their daily prayers, and those prayes have helped us all our life.

May God help Sisters of Charity so that their relations with Fr. Mullers Hospital will continue to grow and that the Diocese of Mangalore will benefit from the noble service offered to the public thru the medical profession. Involvement of Sisters of Charity at the Kankanady Hospital must have been a cherished dream of Fr. Mullers, and the dream has transformed into a glorious reality that has benefitted tens of thousands of people, regardless of the faith, who have sought the help of Fr. Mullers in their pain and sufferings.
satyanarayan pandey,Alert Senior Citizen of India itizen, India Apr 19, 2012
I am proud of Sisters of charities towards their contributions for the humanity.

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