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Feb 13, 2016
Mangalore: Immoral Policing - HJV Activists Raid Resort, Assault Party-goers
Published Date: 28 Jul, 2012 (8:13 PM)

Team Mangalorean - Suburban
Pics by Violet Pereira

Mangalore: A large group of people, said to belong to Hindu Jagarana Vedike, raided the Morning Mist resort near Amrita College at Padil on Saturday, July 28 around 6 pm, where a birthday party was to be held, according to the organizers.

Alleging that girls belonging to one faith had been making merry with boys of another faith, they barged into the private premises. When the girls had locked themselves in for their safety, the group is said to have broken the door open.

One of the assaulted young men said that his birthday party was being arranged and suddenly the attack took place. The assailants arrived in bikes and cars and the attack appeared to be well-planned.

The scenario reminded the public of the infamous pub attack in 2008. The media team were informed in advance. Within hours, TV channels began showing live footages of the girls being bashed and brutally slapped. A girl wearing pink dress was seen being held tight by three and four men and jostled around.

Surprisingly, the assailants faces were not being shown in the live clippings.

Many members of the public have expressed their outrage at the act. The city is likely to be in national or international focus for yet another wrong reason.

Girls thrashed at Karnataka's Mangalore for partying

Bangalore, July 28 (IANS) In shocking incident of moral policing, young women attending a party at a resort in Karnataka's coastal city of Mangalore were Saturday slapped, pulled by their hair and pushed around by a group of people, police said.

Kannada TV channels showed a man slapping a girl and others pulling the hair of another girl at the resort in Mangalore, about 350 km from here.

Six assailants, said to be members of Hindu Jagran Vedike, were taken into custody by the Mangalore police who went to the sport after alerted by the resort authorities.

A police spokesperson told reporters there that three young women and four young men were holding a party when the attack took place.

This is the second time that such an attack on women has taken place in the city.

In January 2009, a group of Sri Ram Sene activists had thrashed women and men at a pub.

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Bernard, USA, USA Aug 1, 2012
Hey BN Pai,
DR Thinker I think you and your HJV pals should not come out of the deep well you guys live in. STAY THERE!!! DIE THERE !! and GET ROTTEN THERE !!! Leave the rest to live freely and peacefully. I think you and your pals would fit perfectly with the Taliban, but then again they may also throw you guys out to the devil who will have to deal with you.
Long live the free people of Mangalore and let the rich culture of the free people prevail!!!!
Eddu, Mangalore, India Aug 1, 2012
I can't believe some of you guys are justifying this attack.Look these are adults are can drink or dance inside their premises so long as it is not a public nusiance. just because I do not drink or smoke does not give me the right to stop another. Next, they people were in a private residence which does not give anyone but the police(if activity is illegal) the right to disturb them.What if I do not like what you are doing and bring a few people to beat you and your family - is this right? It natural for boys to be attracted to girls - this is true since the begining of time and true for animals and insects as well.We have a long way to go to understand tolerance and respect other peoples rights.
Mangalorean, India Jul 31, 2012
Culture!? wat culture r they trying to teach.. come boozed with red eyes to a private party.. hold the girls.. pull them, touch wrong areas ... throw them to bed and teach wat sort of culture???? First somebody teach these sick ppl wat culture is! and all guys who ever has suported then and commented below. Put mangalore in Google search for images.... Beauty and culture of manglore comes very latter! wat images u get get to see first is pub attack and homestay attck.. mangalore is no longer beautifull and the culture is fading..
anonymous, India Jul 31, 2012
whether the youths were drinking or not drinking ....the way they were treated was sick and completely against human rights ........if its about culture then where all the females were touched by these so called cultured activists ...was just not as per our culture ..who gave them the right to pull them by hair like animals ..slap them ????? this all is not a part of our culture ....!! I truly support these youths..the way they were treated was wrong its police who has to decide whether the activities there were illegal or not

and people who are saying girls should wear right clothes.. ...let me ask you one thing who are you to decide what they should wear ?? and if they wear short clothes bashing them is right ?? such dual personalities some of you guys are you are telling what they should wear and when you see such things on tv your toungue would be drooling & your eyes would be popping. ....just remember you are not the supreme powers to decide what we should be doing...coz u r just humans like us!!!!!!!!!
Suman, India Jul 31, 2012
Why are these party goers covering their faces if the party was legal.
They cover the faces because they did a illegal work in the party.

Who known what happened in the party, they might be dancing semi nude, now a days its a fashion among college girls to attend parties with less cloths.
RAJ, India Jul 31, 2012
I dont understand where were all you people when a laday was throw from runing train by 4 muslim boys......y u all are giving so much hip to this small incident where the ladies have found guilty....
joy cutinha, India Jul 31, 2012
who this boys hiting the girls and boys put them to jail and never com out from jail
Ajay, USA Jul 31, 2012
These are unemployed/poorly educated youth, mostly coming from poor families whom our politicians have used for over a decade to get to power. Now they are acting out and the political leadership cant take action on them, least they cut off a leg of their own chair.

Good people need to be in politics.

The police are a joke, their instinct is to server their masters rather than follow the law. No wonder they where ushering the attackers and shoving the victims. What can one expect.

This is time for the BJP to wake up and have right minded people running the party, electing communal thugs to positions of power has serious consequences for society and country.
indian, India Jul 30, 2012
what hjv done is very right.girls should have sense while wearing cloths that too going out with boys.
RAJ, India Jul 30, 2012
Its the excellent job done atleast in future girls should think before they sit with boys & drink...where is india going ...what is this westernise sitting with boys & drinking beer...if they want to do let them sit in their house or that area where people will support...its a bad name for that place which will effect the ladies who are staying there.....India is changing all Porn Star Like sunny Leone is becoming heroine ....i Dont understand where it will take....
Valerian DSouza, India Jul 30, 2012
I think very soon our Police/administration will have no job; these groups having tacit support from Police/Government will take over and carry out their own agenda ! These incidents happening so frequently mostly from same group/people; they have no fear of law or conscience. How many culprits are booked till date ? Shame on Governments irrespective of party affiliations.
Lawrence, USA Jul 30, 2012
"Hindu activists raid resort"

What kind of headline is this? The word raid is not appropriate because it is an illegal trespassing.

The media is empowering the "Slum dogs" by using such words. Raids can be carried out by the government authorities only.

Amitesh Kumar, India Jul 30, 2012
I wish the parents, brothers and other relatives of the girls had visited the place, they would have been definitely pleased with such high acts of morality.
Dr Thinker, UK Jul 30, 2012
Hey B.N.Pai ( you don't deserve a Mr for the comments you have made) , you sound like a jobless , frustrated advocate by the comments you have done. If educated people like you comment and think like this what can we expect from the uneducated ,jobless ,goondas of HJV ( probably means HIJDA JAGARANA VEDIKE ,as they hit and molest helpless girls) .
I wonder who comes to you take professional advice considering the rotten mentality you have ,probably the HJV Poli boys are your customers !!
Stanley R D'Costa, India Jul 29, 2012
Another shameful act in the history of Mangalore by the HJV activists. This is high time to the youngsters of Mangalore to unite together to show your solidarity and fight for your fundamental rights. Unless you youngsters fight against the goons of HJV nobody else will protect the rights of your own sister, wife and mother. Your strength should be a warning to the sponsors of HJV. Don’t allow HJV to rule this coastal city. The so called Hindu fundamentalists are behind this barbaric act. Youths of Mangalore awake , show your strength and stop this public nuisance of moral policing permanently and eradicate this nuisance from its roots.
Valerian Dantis, Spain Jul 29, 2012
I absolutely agree with Suneetha, Bangalore...
I am ashamed of being a mangalorean reading and viewing such nonsense happening in my hometown.
What are HJV trying to prove by molesting and abusing these youth??
The video clearly shows that media and police were involved with these hooligans!!!
I believe in coming years political parties like BJP, RSS, Bajrangdal, Ram Sena and HJV will pass on a law where all ladies have to compulsory wear Burkha in Mangalore!!!
Why can't these guys take care of their home people rather than poking their noses in people's personal life???
Indian, UAE Jul 29, 2012
In the name of hindutva and culture these are the gundas who is actually spoiling name of religion and mangalore...mangalore had a so good name known for peace and security,now its like not even a single person is safe. i dont know how will we look forward for our kids future,scooling and security if situations are such in mangalore.just spoilt the name of our Tulunadu.just terrible and a bitter inccident to be forgotten just feel like banging each one. just an uncultured people.

wat hindutva or religion these vedike or ram sene or such group will teach or preserve when they dont know to behave,respect other human being, behave with girls..!!! hitting ,shouting and just saying they r ram bhakts does not mean he is pure hindu..wat is the diffrence between him and other terrorists or people who harm our motherland. being in our country India ill treating other Indian is not hindutva ! its not even being human nor animals something worst of all.

just request the higher authorities to trash these wastes and just give such a punishment in public where next time anyone wont even thinking of doing it to anyone...these guys shuld be punished in public has a warning to all.

its high time for us all manglorians and Indian support one another and just give a severe punishment to all these so called Hindu vedike guys so that they forget all thier saffronization and live a normal life.and surrounding people shud hav complained and waited for police wat they did was also wrong,not lawfull!
we should not stop our fight till these people are punished in public.and the red jacket guy must be severly punished. just feeling helpless for the girls and guys who were in party. just a message to youth in mangalore out there just be carefull and safe in watever you do,partying is not wrong but let it be in a respectfull way watever you do, wear and behave.
NAMASH, Kuwait Jul 29, 2012
All hindu outfits must be ban and hang all rapists.
arman, Oman Jul 29, 2012
Where were these guys when nityananda prema prakarna came into light ?Watching blue movies sex scandels where were these guys ?
Irfan, India Jul 29, 2012
Its Alcoholic Party tat to on weekend., boys n girls they just wanna enjoy themselves..
I'm asking to all will u allow ur daughter or sister for (alcoholic) parting at nights with guys????
I agree they didn't treated well., but they scared younger bloods for parting (alcohol) at nights with girls., even girls..
Over All
Both did mistakes, younger guys n hjv activists.,
KPNK, Oman Jul 29, 2012
Mr. B. N. Pai

Anna Hazare is doing agitation in a peaceful way and that is also not for any pais and mamoos. He is doing it for the people of India. Ask the moral police to follow the same path. Their act will be appreciated.

Being an Advocate you must know that no one has the right to interfere in others affairs and take Law into his hands. Better you preach what you practice, rather than supporting goondaism. They are spoiling the name of Hinduism and thru this kind heineous acts, are spreading hatred between religions, which is not good for India.

India is a secular country and will remain so.. nobody can change that. So LIVE AND LET LIVE...
S.K.P, India Jul 29, 2012
This HINDU JAGARANA VEDIKE needs to be dissolved by Law. This right wing group is nothing but a bunch of hooligans and just terrorising people in the name of culture. The manner in which girls have been assaulted and molested does not speak any great abt them. The media has now resorted to saying " we tried to help, we were outnumbered so we recorded the whole event", If thats so true why did you not record the faces of the hooligans than show only the young girls. If the youth were celebrating a birthday party with full permission of their parents, I donot see anything wrong in it. We have to realise that we cannot live within the 4 walls of our culture, we are in a global setting now and cultures will be influenced no matter what. It is left to the free will of the citizens of a Free and Democratic India to lead their lives with respect. I donot think a vedike is needed. Why doesnt this vedike save women who are oppressed or women who have been raped. why dont they catch some rapists and stand up for a cause. SHAME on this so called 'HINDU JAGARANA VEDIKE'
mangaloorean, India Jul 29, 2012
First of all,do parents support their daughters partying in pubs and homestays with boys?do you permit your sisters to attend such parties? I will never do.Then talk about attackers.I am not defending them.punish the guilty
Bencyl , , India Jul 29, 2012
dese HJV or watevaa !! dnt hv any rgt 2 touch em !! indian constitution says rgt 2 live .
nobody has da rgt 2 jus barge into sumbdy els's lyf . no matter hw big position dey r.. Its a grt shame 2 manglore. N tlkn bout da govt , dis is bullshit...
lets take an eg of doz ministers who wer watchn PORN inside da PARLIAmENT , is dis der govt??? is dis wat BJP dos???
If da gurls parents dnt hv objct bout ter outfit , den who da hel dese so called BajRangdal 2 judge them bout ter dress huh ???
Ashwin, Macao SAR Jul 29, 2012
Mr. B N Pai...

Why are you linking unrelated issues?

Naxalism is a gift to India through the congress rule in India. Contend that!! BJP has no presence in Kerala, W Bengal, Chattisgar, Bihar where naxalism prevails. These are states where either congress or their allies (Lalu Yadav, Communists) ruled for majority of the years since independence.

Anna Hazare's motivation is to fight corruption by putting systems in place. If he is to be blame, does it mean you question Mahatma Gandhi's motivation to fight the oppressing British Rule and our right for swaraj????
Lawrence, USA Jul 29, 2012
Girls, enjoy your freedom. Next time if they attack, kick them in between. Don't even spare the media!
Janaki Shetty, India Jul 29, 2012
Manual don't ever dare to talk like this, I think you were the one who was involved in the assault. Who knows if you and your wife or your sister go for a party and your so called HJV come and molest your sister and assault her will you clap hands for their bravery or will you call it as "Cowardly act". Don't treat women so cheap, think that today if you are in this world, because of a woman -"Don't forget it"
Satish, India Jul 29, 2012
deepak, India Jul 29, 2012
Guwahati now it is mangalore , this goons wanted to take chance and molest the gals , clearly can be seen , kindly file suit of molestation , dont let them walk free.
Ranjit D'Souza, India Jul 29, 2012
The media knew about this attack and they followed these members from beginning. How Why didn't they report to Police ?
Shweta, India Jul 29, 2012
This should stop.If the government is really serious about stopping crime in Karnataka, these goons should be immediately arrested and held without bail. Otherwise it will be clear that the government supports molestation of women. The media guys who covered this event should also be prosecuted for abetting in the crime.
Nitin Shettigar, India Jul 29, 2012
This is called as 'Saffron Terrorism'. All the men who were involved in this heinous crime attacking innocent youngsters should be immediately arrested under non bailable offence. These Terrorists should then be given a life imprisonment through a fast-track court. Only then such inhuman parties will stop emerging and we will have peace in our nation. Last time similar terrorists party attacked a pub in Mangalore, but their head 'pramod muthalik' is still not punished! Why is he not punished, we only concentrate on muslim terrorists when both should be punished? WE HAVE TO STOP SAFFRON TERRORISM BEFORE IT GETS TO UNEXPECTED LEVELS AND WE REPENT IGNORING THEM...
Chetan, India Jul 29, 2012
Where were these morons when:
1. Rave party was organised at Malpe?
2. MLA was caught watching porn in the assembly?
3. Some family members of leaders were caught producing porn movies?

This shows the mentality of the RSS and its facades. all supporters of this act are as good as being supporters of molestation and violence.
Ashok, India Jul 29, 2012
These are frustrated unemployed unmarried looking for easy prey.Call them any names by their organisation.If this kind hooliganism is not stopped the ever quarreling Mls`s for ministerial post failed to protect the tax paying public.
Govt collect tax to see and keep law order and the police is paid salaries out of tax from citizens.The police is handicapped Bcoz the masters punish them If they arrest and punish the vote bank of BJP.Instead create votes by these kind uncivilized way.
The time may come the people of Mangalore stop paying tax and take their safety by themselves.
Naalige Chapala, India Jul 29, 2012
Waa onji saavuye? Onji party enjoy malpere budpujeru.
Drona, India Jul 29, 2012
What a shame! Why this type of attack is happening in Mangalore? Is there no law and order? How come the TV channels did not tip off the police and prevent this attack?
Sharma, Mangalore , India Jul 29, 2012
This is a shameful thing.. why dont these girls understand about the situations...
Nicholas, Canada Jul 29, 2012
Congrats for people of kara nataka for electing sooo good government & handing over responsibility of your daughters,sisters,wives & mothers safety to unemployed goons belonging to the group affiliated to RSS which is sister concern of the state government(BJP) which was elected by us & will be electing in future as we can cut down our responsibility & duty of the police also & everyone can attend the rave party in mary's island sponsored by the state & view porn in parliment
Puttur Dinesh, USA Jul 29, 2012
I wish one of the people in the party had a gun and taken out one or ------.

The way the girls were treated was horrible, I think people should identify these so called activists and bring them to justice The pathetic people of mangalore just wait for these incidents to happen.

vas, New Zealand Jul 29, 2012
It is shocking. Indian women have proved they are as good as anybody else. Cann't blame them as they blindly follow their role models: Swamis, Politicians, sports person, bollywood.
krishna, India Jul 29, 2012
Some indecent activities must have happened.The relatives of girls took action. Naming this Guys as Hindu activist is to gain political advantage out of it.
VN Baliga, India Jul 29, 2012
Hindutva goons didn't even spare young girls, they have slapped these girls. How can they be called as men when they have attacked girls and slapped them?

These goons have taken the law into the their hands knowing that current big jokers party will not take an action against them.

These men should be sent to Kabul to their partners Talibanis.

indian, India Jul 29, 2012
the media people who were informed well in advance could have done something about it and stopped this .. and what gives those losers any right to touch someone else's daughter??
Mangalorean, India Jul 29, 2012
Wow!!!! Teaching culture in what a wonderful way! Just watch the video these have taken full chance of the situation to touch those gals where ever they wanted. Speaking about culture, my foot. These disgusting, immature, illiterate rotten eggs of the society must be sent to be trained on culture themselves. No wonder India remains a developing country with such cheap disgusting mentality gangs here and there. According to these viruses now celebrating b'day has become a crime as if those who are involved in the act never touch alcohol in their life time.
Jerry, U.A.E, UAE Jul 29, 2012
Shame less poooolish of Mangalore.
Shaikh Mohd Rizwan, Turkey Jul 29, 2012
Dear readers,

Is Mangalore is in Afghanistan?

The elected member is free to watch porn in middle of the session in the assembly,yeddy and s.D.Gowda can celebrate birthday but common man in private property no way.

Keep doing it HJV,RamSena and Bajrang Dal we will all vote for RSS ruled BJP again to power.

Jai Hind

Thomas Sequeira Abudhabi,, UAE Jul 29, 2012
Mr Home Minister Of Karnataka why are you sleeping?
I.Feel that you are the one who sponsor these GOONS,The mangalorean Families settle all over the GLOBE, Particularly the mangalorean's in the G.C.C,countreis Would Like to visit for their grand parents,aunty/uncle's brothers sisters,etc what security the mangalore authority is providing? Many families are planing to go on Leave because Arab Countries still has Another 7 weeks school Holiday. DEAR HOME MINISTER PLEASE WAKE UP YOUR OFFICERS IN MANGALORE ARE UN SUITABLE ,Watch All indian
News Channel's Shame to MANGALORE.

Original R.Pai, USA Jul 29, 2012
HJV members have committed two mistakes here:
- Entering a private property without any permission
- Physical assault on individuals

Both are very wrong and they should face the consequences. I was surprised to hear that even the local people were supporting this action by HJV activists. If we don't agree with certain activity or policy, we should always follow the legal channels. We can't engage in violence or private property violations.
vinay, Angola Jul 29, 2012
dear kindly show girls and boys photo and detail. because of in future no body not attend this kind of activites
B.N.Pai, Advocate, Kumbla. Pin code-671321, India Jul 29, 2012
"Moral policing"- Hindu Jagarana Vedike Activists Raid Resort, Assault Party-goers.

Moral police: If the government has failed to take action against the Rave Party of the non-BJP organisers, the direct action by the HJV to forcibly stop them is to be applauded by all. This should not happen if, and only if, the Rave Party is organized by BJP or RSS, as in the case of St. Mary’s Island, Udupi!

Naxalite Attacks: If the government has failed to eliminate the poverty,.........................

Team Anna: Similarly, Anna Hazare and his team can take direct action against any Constitutional body like Parliament, the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, the President of India, the Chief Justice of India, the Constitution of India and they are the privileged people who are entitled to pass any law and cause amendments to our Constitution (at will) on the roadside or Ramleela Maidan or Jantar Mantar park, or even in Kejriwae’s or Kiran Bedi’s court yard!

Long Live HJM!
Long Live Naxalism!!
Long Live Team Anna Hazare!!!
free man, India Jul 28, 2012
Who are these -------------to preach decency?? If u c , 90 percent people don't support these activists, so y can't people get together and teach them a lesson that they won't forget? Y is this tolerated by good people? Everyone has a right to live life like they want and mind it you activist groups, u all r nobody to stop them.
N. shetty, Kiribati Jul 28, 2012
what are the charges..? when did having fun become a crime..was it a law and order problem?
If people are sensitive to western culture manga lore isnt the place for you...We has Indians have to deal with religious, social freedom.. Sometimes you dont like what other do, but we have no right go and preach your kind of living at least with violence..this is ridiculous..I hope the concerned authorities will look into this matter.
Neha, India Jul 28, 2012
What rave party are people talking about? Having alcohol doesnt make a party a rave party. Do your homework.
Nassir Mukkawala, Saudi Arabia Jul 28, 2012
Moral policing is good . We do it in all Muslim dominated areas and countries. In India many local media reporters work parallel with goondas and police and are massively involved in blackmailing the citizens. And to get away with it they use underworld names or some religious group names.
sanya, India Jul 28, 2012
embarrassing to live in mangalore!
stn, India Jul 28, 2012
Terrorist in the making
Mangalorean, , UAE Jul 28, 2012
This is surely not the Hindu Jagarana Vedike.
Some anti social elements behind this and police should investigate and find out the real culprits.
Pramod, USA Jul 28, 2012
This is unbelievable and disgusting…..

Wonder what morality or culture can the illiterate goons who manhandle women can teach the society?

Why is the Mangalore Police allowing this to happen time and again? Shame on the Mangalore Police.

It is time for Mangaloreans to unite and teach these goons a lesson…….Make sure these shameless goons are punished severely, so that they will never ever lay their hands on women.
Vikram, India Jul 28, 2012
unculturd activits!!!! sry bot ma frnd who was in da party :(
Shezar, India Jul 28, 2012
IQ of a communal mob = IQ of the dumbest one in the group divided by the sum total of the IQ's of all.
India is said to be secular but not secure, India is diverse and that seems to be the biggest adversity..
Aur zor se bolo--- MERA BHARAT MAHAN! :(
Retardz, get over it..
venu, India Jul 28, 2012
such a peaceful city was it..
Manual, India Jul 28, 2012
Good to hear about this...!
Thanks for the 'Hindu Jagran Vedike' for making all the Modern Gals aware about this and securing all the innocent lives of Mangalore..!@!
Treat this as a message and not as a punishment for doing party like this..!@!
Sheldon D'mello, India Jul 28, 2012
the kind of atrocities this hooligans do on the citizens of india is just not justified and to add to it they are manhandling womens
its high time INDIA uses gulf country law(fast-track all courts and sentence this people, they should be put behind bars for the rest of their life, hence others will not dare to do such shameful act again)

in the UK, Anuj bidves killer got a life term within 3 months of trial and in our country cases run in 1000 courts and even after that justice does not prevail.

Nagendra Singh, India Jul 28, 2012
There is a way to resolve every issues but not like this entering like an animals and doing whatever you can. I am extremely disappointed how the girls were thrashed by group of men. I didnt find any human out there, all are animals. This shows extreme lack of law and order in the city. Why the police is not reacting to the situation early? After the damage is done and then they showed up to say that everything is under control. Just think for a moment what if your sister or brother were present out there and celebrating the weekend and suddenly they were brutally attacked by worst people like this. This is really really shame on part of the law who could not able to do anything as this a second such incident occurred.
Shameer, UAE Jul 28, 2012
Law and order in Mangalore is gone to dogs. I request the DC, SP and Mayor of Mangalore to resign from their posts if they can't take action and arrest these goons and guarantee the security of Mangaloreans. It simply means that you and your family may be attacked even in the middle of the street or your own house because some goons like those of HVJ didn't like something you wore, don't like what you eat, drink or don't like if you talk to another person of another religion? Enough is enough. Now Mangaloreans must act.
Mounish, India Jul 28, 2012
Who r the boys and girls caught
Joe D'Souza, India Jul 28, 2012
Dear Mangalorean kindly show us the faces of these rowdies so that public will know who these rowdies are, and where they are employed. I am sure now Politicians will join hands with these brain dead and pressure Police to drop charges.
Also to be fair,let us know which Media got involved in taking Photos so that we can boycott that Media. It is time that NRI s should stop sending money to Catholic related Charities where the relatives of these rowdies ------------ kindness.
NAMASH, Kuwait Jul 28, 2012
Indian Talibanism...!
abhishek , India Jul 28, 2012
this is absolut shit wht this ppl r doing rave party is against our law yes.. i do agree but beating up girls an harassing them is also against our law isn't it?? The worst part this guys walk away free as if they have done some award wining work is our gov. blind our busy making money an fighting for CM position that they forget that they need to run a country as well..!! If there is not safe for a girl for her common rights what shit are this ppl doing???
monty, India Jul 28, 2012
This is bullshit... Wat faith are ull talking about,... I knew all the people there at the party... I was supposed to b attending the party... Mangalore wont develop because of these uneducated assailants..activists..
Seriously... Private property too ain't safe anymore....

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