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Feb 08, 2016
Mangalore: Ronald Colaco Innocent in Suvarna and D'Souza Defraud Case - Clarifies Nishan
Published Date: 22 Apr, 2013 (9:39 PM)

By Violet Pereira, Team Mangalorean

Mangalore: Nishan Suvarna held a press meet to clarify the business transactions between Jeetendra Suvarna and Joseph Lancelot D'Souza , at Hotel Foodland, Lalbagh here on April 22.

Addressing the mediapersons Nishan Suvarna stated that there has been a business complication between his father Jeethendra Suvarna and Joseph Lancelot D'Souza the proprietor of Systems Engineering. Joseph has swindled us and we are in the process of resolving the issue ourselves.

He further asserted that the same has come to his attention that letters regarding this matter are being circulated in the public with the involvement of Ronald Colaco. He clarified that Colaco is a well-known philanthropist both locally and abroad and has nothing to do with our transactions. Colaco's involvement with works of charity and public support are beyond compare and we respect his eminent position in the Society. Joseph Lancelot D'Souza is solely responsible for this transaction and this has no involvement of Colaco.

"The content of the letter though genuine in all respects does not involve Colaco in any form or manner. The sole responsible persons in this transaction and fraud case are Joseph Lancelot D'Souza and Aileen D'Souza. This letter has been put together by the well-wishers of my father and they had been misinformed about the involvement of Colaco", he said.

It has come to our notice that few individuals have been circulating letters and pamphlets to mislead our Billava Community members in Mangalore South Assembly Constituency. We would like to clearly express our support to J R Lobo who has been responsible for a lot of development in and around Mangalore during his past service in the region. He requested the Billava brethren to support the Mangalore South Assembly Constituency candidate Lobo and not to be mislead by such propaganda.

District President of Jaishree Krishna Parisara Premi Samiti, Felix D'Souza and renowned community leader Jaya C Suvarna were also present.

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SURESH, India Apr 24, 2013
This Looks like a threatening call cover up...
And to my surprise no other media coverage on this issues...

I again Stress,... that media lost its focus in serving the community and only paid news are published in media Today..

Appreciate MANGALOREAN.COM for transparent and good news coverage.... Keep going....
Bounty Hunter, New Zealand Apr 23, 2013
Clarification from those involved always clear the air of animosity and it is indeed a good effort while I presume the praise was not all that fair. I also wonder why the other website, the mouth piece of the so called philanthropists' has refrained from publishing this clarification as usual. All this hue and cry in the name of religion, political party.....

"one thing has to be remembered, the person who makes you is the one who "breaks" you.

Looking forward to many more such "NEWS" in the future!

Thank you Mangalorean for remaining the "White Elephant" the real representative of the masses. Keep up the good work in reporting facts and not hearsays!
Vinod Paul, Permude, USA, USA Apr 23, 2013
WELL!! Again a controversy on same expect name who act as a financer. Catholic commounity takes money from him and salute him but people must know why he spending such money what is his intention and WHO IS HE? without any intention no one will spend lavishly and now it self many know the real color.

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