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Feb 13, 2016
Mangalorean New Faces in SMS 6260
Published Date: 22 Mar, 2007 (9:05 PM)

By:  Team Mangalorean

Following our article published on, there was a tremendous response from Mangalorean readers to know more about this film that was shot mostly in Mangalore.  Some of the questions that cropped up were, who were the other actors in the film, what are the locations where it was shot etc.  While most of these queries are already answered in the first report itself, the Director of SMS 6260 has specially taken it upon himself to introduce the cast of his film.  Many of them are from Mangalore and they are being introduced to our readers here in the Director Sundeep Malani’s words.

Loy Patrao & Sony Patrao

This brother sister duo from Kapri Gudde, Falnir, are playing important roles in the film. But though both of them share home space, they don’t share their screen presence.  They have distinctive and different characters.  While Loy plays a Punjabi character Lal in the film, Sony plays the bubbly college girl Tressy.

Loy Patrao

Loy as Lal speaks Hindi and Punjabi in the film. He does not speak Kannada except for some song lyrics at the end.  He is a fun loving happy go lucky software engineer who stays as a room mate with Mahesh, an orthodox software professional. Lal is full of life, and has a girlfriend to keep him company at disco and parties.
The real Lal, Loy Patrao works in a BPO at Dell, Bangalore.  He is a dancer and singer and is fond of singing English and Konkani songs.

Sony (middle) along with Smrti (left) and Karen (right)

Sony Patrao is a college student at St. Agnes College, Mangalore. A party animal, she sizzles on screen as Tressy, the girl who is full of life in the film.

Amithananda and Denzil Pereira

Amithananda is from Padil.  This actor is sure to go places after the release of this film. A character, which no one dares to do, Amithananda has carried his role to perfection.  He plays a gay character by the name Julie Darling.  His character is sensitive with shades of comedy.  In the film, Amithananda works as a call center employee and is one of the most important characters that helps in developing the story line. He has some fantastic comedy scenes with Shetty, with the hero Diganth and with the rest of the cast.  His dance number to the remix Hindi numbers in the disco is a treat to watch.

Denzil Pereira
Hailing from Attavar, Denzil has been a Baila dancer for Eric Ozario's group in the past. He has been done several stage shows and also acted in Richard Castelino's Bogsanhe.  In SMS 6260, he plays the comedy character of Shetty, a canteen owner in the call center organization. He speaks Tulu in the film, with a bit of English and Kannada thrown in for good measure. He and Amithanand, the gay character in the film have a number of tit for tat conversations.

Winnie Fernandes & Meena Malani
Winnie Fernandes from Vamanjoor already has two films to her credit. The Kannada film, Haseena and the Tulu film, Kadala Mage.  She has also acted in several plays in Konkani.  In SMS 6260 she plays a small time character artist.

Winnie Fernandes & Meena Malani

Meena Malani, resident of Attavar is the mother of Sandeep Malani and a Gurkaar for the Milagres - Attavar parish.  She has done several Konkani and Tulu plays and is a theatre artist.  She has also acted in a Konkani film, Bogsanhe and a Tulu film September 8.  In SMS 6260, she and Winny share screen presence with noted Kannada actress Jayalakshmi, wherein they play the gossip mongers. These ladies gossip about the heroine, who plays the role of a call center employee.

Winni and Meena are also playing important roles in Richard Castelino's Tulu film, Badhi and the Konkani film, Kazaar.

Dolla Nandigudda

It is difficult to do justice to a well known person like Dolla. He is simply Dolla, the comedian of Konkani drama.  Also called as The Johny Lever of  Konkani Theatre of Doll Fell Chal fame.  In SMS 6260, he plays a Senior Traffic Inspector and his contribution to the role of a comedian is invaluable to the overall script.  His walking style in the film is a treat to watch.  He speaks Tulu and Kannada in the film and to add to it, we have what we call Dolla’s special dose of Butler English.  He makes a fool of himself, when he tries to catch a buffoon who has parked his vehicle at the No Parking Signal.  His assistants Ravi Surathkal and Rajesh Bantwal give ample support to him in his perfectly timed comedy scenes.
Ravi Surathkal & Rajesh Bantwal

Ravi Surathkal & Rajesh Bantwal

Rajesh Bantwal is already famous for his comedy act in the recent Tulu hit, Kadala Mage. He and Ravi Surathkal play the Traffic cops in SMS 6260.  With a comedy timing that could bring the house down - keeping their fans in happy mood, they speak Tulu and Kannada in the film.  They fool a buffoon, by placing a No Parking Sign Board and try to get some money from the guy.


Diganth the hero of the film is from Teerthahalli, South Kanara.  He completed his college education in Shimoga and then moved to Bangalore. He is a badminton champion and has taken part in Karnataka Sports Events. Is into Modelling and has modelled for Santro car, Orbit sugarfree ad, Black Bird Jeans, Reliance mobile, Parachute oil and many more.  He speaks Tulu too and has acted in the Tulu hit, Kadala Mage.  He has also done a special appearance in the recent blockbuster, Mungaru Male.  This is Diganth's fourth release, after his first entry in Miss California.

In SMS 6260, Diganth plays the character of Roshan, a rich casanova, whose only interest and daily routine is wine and women.  He gets attracted to Janu, follows her to the company where she works and joins the organization as a Team Leader, all this only to impress her.  During his college life, he was friendly with the entire gang of friends - Rahul, Krishna, Badri, Kiran, Jenny, Tina, Chrissy and Tressy.  Back to the present there is something that consistently disturbs him.  To find out what it is, you have to watch SMS 6260 on the big screen.

Jerome Moras, Melwyn Almeida, Geo D'Silva 

Jerome Moras

Melwyn Almeida

Geo D'Silva

Jerome is from Angelore and is working in Corporation Bank. He plays an Income Tax officer in the film.  Melwyn has his own business and is from Valencia. He plays an Animal Welfare Officer from PFA.  Geo is from Bantwal and plays a Sales Executive in the film. 

The trio have some good comedy lines in Kannada along with Danny (one of the male co-star in the film)

Lohith & Rohith

Lohith of Bendurwell and Rohith Balmata, both play call center employees in the film. They are party animals too, very good dancers and taking this advantage - they play themselves - the guys of today with a cool attitude. In this movie they are software techies,  partying and dancing in discos. Ex-Aloysius students, these handsome guys have always been the center of attraction for the pretty girls of Mangalore.

Besides all the local artists and stage artists, a big part of Mangalore’s population also appear in the film as extras, as a part of the Discotheque, the Carnival Function - Suvarna Karnataka song, Dancers of Mangalore, Students in College etc.


Hails from San Francisco, California, USA. She is the producer of the film.  She has already played the title role in the Kannada film, Ms. California, co-directed by Sundeep Malani. In SMS 6260, she plays a call center employee  - a bold girl of today's times.  Janu also sings and has sung an English number, Lovers Rhyme for the film.

Hails from Singapore. But right now doing her education in Australia. Karen plays Chrissy, a lively and jovial girl - very close to herself in real life.


Hails from Bangalore.  Is into modelling. Besides SMS 6260, in which he plays Rahul, a HR Manager, he is also doing a Kannada film, Kingfisher.


Is from Bangalore and has always shifted his base in between Chennai and Bangalore.  He has acted in about 20 Tamil films, is a very good dancer and is mostly remembered for the song Oh Maria with Rambha in Kadalar Dinam. His other films include Minnale, Dum Dum Dum, Star, Vasoo,l Raja MBBS to name a few. In SMS 6260, he plays Krishna, a Tamilian who is a marketing executive. He always gets into trouble when he gets into a new role.

Is a DJ by profession and is from Bangalore.  In the film, he plays a Telugu DJ, who is an ardent Chiranjeevi fan. His dialogue delivery of mixing Telugu with English and Kannada is hilarious in the movie.

Is a theatre artist who is into Kannada and English plays. Before this lead role he has acted in some films as a character artist.  In this film, he plays Mahesh, a software engineer who is far behind today’s times. Very slow in his deeds and needs, he even proposes to the girl with a yellow rose and dresses up in old bell bottom pants.

She is from Mysore. An aspiring actress and raring to go. Has already done two Kannada films and a Tamil film. In this film, she plays a call center employee who is a friend and colleague of the main heroine, Janu.

He is another actor who is sure to go miles. He hails from Bangalore. In the film, he plays himself - a young college student.  Watch for him more on the big screen.


Hails from San Francisco, California.  Smriti is schooling and is a very good dancer.  In the film, she plays Tina, a girl who is very stylish and is full of sparks. She reminds one of Juhi Chawla of the 80's in Prema Loka.  Thats because, the film also has the same song which was picturised on Juhi, then.  Nodamma Hudugi.

Sms 6260 also has the following artists acting as Little Stars

Roger D'souza, Royd Pinto, Silver Malani, Danel Cutinha, Desmond Rego

These 5 kids play small roles in the film as the juniors to the lead players.  While at school, (shot in Milagres School) they are pranksters and talk in the class. A small musical exercise is picturised on them with the rest of the children.

Also, a part of the Suvarna Karnataka song has them dancing to the lyric - the famous Kannada poem : Jana Jana Jana, Jebu Thumbha Hana, Melkathi Bidalu sadhu, Tan Tana Tana. This song was rendered by Silver for the film.

Konkani Artists in the film
Valentine Cutinha, Aloysious D'Souza, Rashmi Pinto, Jerome Moras, Melwyn, Zea D'silva, Molly Cutinha, Richard, Sanchith and Deepali Khambadakone
Others Artists
Marina Roopa, Padmaja, Smitha, Amanda Andrade, Preemal Vas, Chaya Shetty, Spoorthi Fernandes, Renita Fernandes, Smitha Pinto, Anette Thomas, Meera, Allwyn Noronha, Rohan Pinto, Prashanth Bhandary, Master Prateek, Lohith Shetty, Rohith, Innova, Neha, Mellisa, Martha, Gretta Pinto, Juliet D'souza, Kitti Bai, Roseline Sequeira, Shikaina, Sowmya

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