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Feb 09, 2016
Vincent Machado- Three decades in Oman
Published Date: 07 Jun, 2008 (9:08 PM)

By Jaya Ramesh, Team Mangalorean - Oman

Muscat June 4, 2008: All success stories are not marked by destiny alone.  Many embody perseverance, hard work, sacrifices and a great will power; and Vincent Machado's success story is no exception.  Hailing from Shirva, Vincent has come a long way in his career, rising up the corporate ladder with single minded grit and determination. In the process he has made all Mangaloreans in Oman proud, and today he stands as a role model for many youngsters, proving that if you have the will to make it to the top, there is very little that can stop you.

Vincent Machado completes 35 years of his career in Oman in the same organization - Saud Bahwan Group, presently holding the prestigious post of Deputy Managing Director - Sales (Vehicles). Buoyed by the initial zeal coupled with his meticulous and painstaking efforts, he has embarked on this great trail of a successful journey. His 35 years in Oman were celebrated recently and the vast number of family, friends and colleagues who gathered together to wish him was proof of his immense popularity and goodwill. 

Speaking about his early days in Suhail and Saud Bahwan, Muscat, Vincent says "We had a showroom that stocked Akai, Toshiba and Seiko brands.  Everyone who came to Muscat needed at least one product from this range and walked into our showroom.  It was a great way to get to know who was new to Muscat and what he was doing." The daily commute in the Land Rover taxi from the Bahwan bachelor pad at Jibroo to Muttrah through the mountains took anything up to two hours.  "Everything was in Muscat – the best showrooms, the British and Indian Embassies, the British Bank of the Middle East, Muttrah Cold Stores and Oman United Agencies.  Where we now sit bordered a big graveyard in the 1960s and 1970s."  On his first Christmas in Muscat, Vincent walked for two hours in total darkness from his house to Mina al Fahal to attend the church services.  Staying in touch with family and friends and getting news of what was happening was no small task.  To talk to his family he had to book a call through cable and wireless and then wait for two or three days.  However, the difficulties he faced in those early days only served to make him more determined and resilient.  

Known for his philanthropic activities, Vincent has never been known to turn away a person in need from his doorstep and to date he has a steady stream of visitors who bank on his generosity and kindness.  He has personally guided, advised and helped a number of Indian youth to gain jobs and in doing so has helped them take that first important step on the rung of their career ladders.  Vincent also remains a pillar of strength behind the MCCP (Mangalorean Catholic Centre of the Parish), lending his support unstintingly to all their activities. 

Family comes first - Vincent with wife Prescila, daughters, son-in-law and grandchild

Vincent attributes his success to God first and then to his family, which includes his beautiful and gracious wife Prescila and daughters Vandana, Namratha and Gloria. Vandana is married to Richard Menezes and they have a little daughter, Claudia. Vincent is also a sportsman and a stickler for physical fitness and daily walks and a game of badminton is not compromised in his busy schedule.
On a candid note, Vincent Machado shares with us, his interesting and enlightening trail in this beautiful, naturally endowed country, the Sultanate of Oman.
At the age of 20, when you landed in an unfamiliar and then undeveloped Oman, what were your feelings?

I arrived in Oman at a very tender age and it was my first time away from home, where being the youngest among eight siblings, I was always shielded & protected. So naturally I felt quite homesick initially. Moreover I had landed in Oman soon upon completing my graduation and since I was inexperienced, I was nervous.

I recall how I longed for basic comforts. We received water from tankers & electricity supply was infrequent which made even having a fan a luxury. I also missed good home food. So I did have some initial difficulty adjusting to the place during the time.

However, I always maintained a positive attitude, stayed focused on my goals and was determined to make something out of my life.

What are the developmental changes you have personally witnessed in Oman in the last 35 years that you have been here?

I have witnessed two spells of rapid growth in Oman. The first was between 1975-1990 and the second started in 2005 and continues still.

I first arrived in Oman by ship which was a journey of four days and three nights. Since the port was not yet ready, the ship moored in the high seas and I was ferried by a barge to the shore somewhere near the existing Corniche. Most of the residential accommodation at that time was in old Omani houses. Good roads were few and far between. Besides, the whole city of Muscat was centered on Old Muscat & Muttrah.

During the first spell of development mentioned earlier, I have personally seen the development of Mina Qaboos Port, opening of the airport at Seeb, building of a good road network and construction of palaces, ministry buildings, and decent accommodation.

I also witnessed the setting up of various hotels during this phase such as Muscat Inter Continental, Oman Sheraton and the Al Bustan Palace Hotel.

During this phase of development and the pioneering work in the country, I also witnessed the inflow of a large number of foreigners, introduction of several car brands and the setting up of several companies and business houses.

During the second spell of development that is still on, the growth has been phenomenal. I have seen a staggering number of new roads and highways coming up, huge residential developments, several schools, hospitals and primary health centers, hotels and restaurants.

When I first arrived, the oil price was $ 9 per barrel. Today, oil prices are at a record high of $ 122 per barrel, the MSM has reached record levels, there are billions of dollars worth of projects going on and new cities like Dukum and the Blue City are taking shape.

With the Chairman of Saud Bahwan Group - Sheikh Saud Salim Bahwan

The Professional at work - Vincent with Mr. Hiroshi Okuda, Chairman of the Toyota Motor Corporation (left) and with Mr. Fujio Cho, Chairman of the Board and Representative Director of Toyota Motor Corporation (right)

Tell us about the company you have rendered your services to, for the past 35 years?

I feel extremely privileged to have seen this company grow from a small trading house in Muttrah in 1975 to the world-class organization it currently is.

During the early years the business was owned by Suhail and Saud Bahwan, two brothers with an uncanny business sense and tremendous passion to succeed and excel in whatever they did.  Initially the main business was centered on Toshiba, Akai and Seiko franchises.  In 1975, we got the Toyota franchise and ever since then, there has been no looking back for the group. As the business grew and more franchises were added, the brothers divided their interest with our Chairman Saud Salim Bahwan focusing on the automobile businesses.

In 2005, there was a formal division of the businesses by the two brothers resulting in the formation of two separate business groups namely, The Saud Bahwan Group (SBG) and the Suhail Bahwan Group.

The spirit, vision and the tenacity of our Chairman, Sheikh Saud Salim Bahwan is legendary and has provided the inspiration for all of us working in the group to excel without boundaries.

Sheikh Saud has also been gifted with the ability to select the right staff and most of them have also been serving the group for a long time. As the business has grown and modernized, so has the team been trained and professionalized.

Therefore, it has been a very exciting journey for me to see the powerhouse that SBG has become in Oman. From a small sales outlet in Muttrah, our company now has the world's largest Toyota facility at Wattayah in the capital and a vast network of numerous modern showrooms and service facilities across the Sultanate. Our employee strength has also multiplied several fold and we currently have over 9000 employees. My roll number is 004 and I am the longest serving employee in the company. The company is a leader and award winner in all the businesses it handles.

Are you satisfied with the overall recognition that Indians receive for their hard work in various companies across Oman?

Yes, I firmly believe that the work of Indians is very well appreciated by Omani nationals and the sponsors. Most of the companies are taking care of their employees very well and that is the reason why there are so many Indian expatriates who have served several years in Oman.

What role has your family played in your success?

My family has played a vital role in my success. My wife has supported me ever since I got married in 1979 and has handled affairs at home independently including looking after our three children. This allowed me to concentrate on my work and meet the expectations of my Chairman all these years.

You have been instrumental in shaping the careers of a vast majority of youth, many of them who hail from Mangalore. Today, what is your advice to all youngsters who come to the Gulf to make a living?

I feel happy to have played a part in shaping the lives of many youth. It is extremely gratifying to see them become successful and accomplished in their careers.

I would tell the youth that to be here now is an opportunity not to be missed as being here is ‘being in at the right place at the right time' as there is tremendous growth in the Middle East. In case of Oman, the economy is opening up rapidly and thus opportunities are abound.

Also, I would like to give the same advice that I was given by a friend who was instrumental in my coming to Oman, who said, "Don't compare yourself with others as they are already here. This way you can grow with the company you have joined, earn a good name and reach the top of the ladder." Most importantly, be determined and work hard as I believe there are no short cuts to success. The only way to get to the top is by working hard. congratulates Vincent Machado on his tremendous achievements during his 35 years in Oman and wishes him unprecedented success for the future.

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Prem Kumar , India Aug 15, 2014
1. I am highly impressed and motivated by the interview given by Mr. Vincent
2. A legend who had seen and relished the growth of Suhail and Saud Bahwan and the support of the management for his growth and success.
3. As a person who moved out of India at the age of 20, sacrificing and bearing the pain of home sickness is a inspiration to all the new generation youngsters
4. Appreciate Mrs. Vincent, being a role model to the success of Mr. Vincent standing by his side and developing the family. God Bless !
5. The best part of this interview is That there is no Short cut to Success and only way to get to the top is by Sheer Hard Work and this is the only Mantra to the success story of Mr. Vincent. He is an asset to the Organisation and the Chairman must be proud and gifted to have such a wonderful and committed employee in his Organiztion.

I wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.
Varghese Eralil, India Aug 23, 2013
As Vincent sir is marching towards the 40th year with SBG, may the Al mighty continue to shower blessings to him, family and the organisation.

Best Regards

Shetty .M, Oman Dec 14, 2010
Its like a Cindrella story.
saif alshamisi, UAE Oct 12, 2010
keep it up
sakhawat ali, India Jul 30, 2010
I already give interview tulupin hotel
riydh now i am in india
Job branham usa, USA Feb 27, 2010
Hi mr.machado
this is job Branham.son of late moses Roberts from Oman music instructor.great to read your accomplishments in dad passed away in prayers and wishes to your family and all in Oman.god bless. Send me an email when you get a chance.
divya muthana, India May 19, 2009
hello sir,

I truely appreciate your spirit and passion towards your career, you have made indians proud................
Oswald Crasto, India Apr 20, 2009
Dear Sir,

Greetings to you. I missed out on wishing you on completion of 35 years in Muscat, Oman and specially in Bahwan. I am sure it must have not been easy for you but you made it happen, its a proof of your personality that nothing can shake you and your determination. It was a very short span at work that i spent at Bahwans under you which was a misfortune for me so to say, as i thoroughly enjoyed, learnt and grew during that span just watching you do your daily work. There is tons and tons of things which i could still say but i would only like to say that Sir by you having spent 35 years of your life in Bahwan, Muscat not only have taken your life to another level but have helped thousands of them live a better life by sheer giving and creating opportunities for them. I wish you a beautifull life ahead.

Love and Regards
Oswald Crasto
Mario Andrew Rodrigues, Goa, UAE, UAE Sep 27, 2008
Dear Vincent,

Better late than never. I have personally seen the encouragement of Vincent during 1988 to 1994 my tenure in TBA, Wattaya to his sales forces, his presence in the showroom and treating all customers special which no doubt converted a mere visit to having firm thoughts of buying a TOYOTA. Also I would like to commend the important role played for making Bahwan Annual Thanksgiving a success. Very good thoughts, ideas encouragements will also be at his disposal.
We wish you the best always Mr.Machado. You have made the region proud, you made India proud.
Best Regards
Goa, Dubai.
arvind baliga, USA Aug 24, 2008
Good wishes to Vincent from someone who met him in 1976!
lancy. f. coelho, Oman Aug 22, 2008
Thanks for bringing mangalore to limelite...
we wish you more sucess.
Evarist D'Souza, Australia Jul 19, 2008
Good On You Mr. Vincent,

Good to have known you for 10 yrs, all the best for all the years to come. Wish you good health, peace and happiness. God Bless you and your fly.

Best Wishes from downunder

Evarist D'Souza & Family
Brisbane, Queensland
Vincent Machado, Oman Jun 12, 2008
Dear Friends,

I would like to thank each one of you for your kind words and good wishes.

They are well appreciated by me and my family.

Thank you and God Bless.
RENOJ ANTONY, Oman Jun 9, 2008

I had the pleasure of reading this article, it was really inspiring to know more about you. We appreciate your devotion to the company and wish that we had more leaders like you.

we are very happy to be associated with a worthy role model like you.

wish you and your family happiness and prosperity always


Sridar,Buraimi, Oman Jun 9, 2008
You are a role model for many youths who wish to come up in life. Amazed at your growth.

We believe that your hardwork and prayers had brought u up to this unmatchable position. Not aged to bless u sir, we salute ur achievement. We pray God to bless u & ur family with good health and peace of mind for years to come.

Sridar, Sangeetha & Pranav Chandar.
D Panigrahi, Oman Jun 8, 2008
A Complete Man. That's the word to describe you, in short. Many people still expect to be lead by you for years to come. May God bless you with best of the health and peace of mind so that you can continue in your noble mission of philanthropy. We, who know you, are certainly proud to be associated with you.

Pushpa, Nishany and Digbijoyee Panigrahi
Richard, Buraimi, Oman Jun 8, 2008
Dear Sir,

Hearty congratulations. Sir, indeed you are a role model for all of us. We are proud of you for your tremendous achievements. We pray to Almighty God to bless you & your family good health, happiness prosperity& peaceful long life.

Richard, Anitha, Riya & Roystan
Peter Pais, Oman Jun 7, 2008
Dear Sir.

It has been such a pleasure to have known you and your family. Indeed, every day has been a learning day in your midst. Your thoughtful deeds have always come from the heart and your much valued advise, well appreciated. Your God fearing qualities, quick decision making, elephants memory, humane touch and above all great Leadership qualities, is hard to match. We salute your years of experience, especially starting life in those years, when Oman had not advanced as it is today. You stuck to your mission and that has paid you rich dividends over the years. We ask Almighty God to bless you and the family abundantly, with good health, peace and happiness, in each day to come.
Best regards

Carl, Jen and Peter
Ramesh, UAE Jun 7, 2008
Dear Vincent,
Proud of you Vincent, indeed you deserve a "Praise", for having reached where you are today, because of your dedication, love for what you do and the kindness you are showing to human being.
I remember the days we went on a "Marwai" harvest in Intercon beach, big turkey feast on a Christmas night and a great Gin & Card session on one of the weekends!!
Respects to you & your family members.
Amar Jaipal, UAE Jun 7, 2008
Here's a man so humble, unassuming & God-fearing that it gives one little clue on what a successful businessman he has turned out to be!

Over the years, his plain commitment, undeterred sincereity to his work & organization and so also, his well-mastered-&-perfected business skills has left an awesome aura that would be close to impossible to emulate.

We wish him good health, peace & enjoyment in his life ahead too!

Best wishes,
Amar Jaipal
Wilfred Menezes & Fly, Dubai, UAE Jun 6, 2008
Dear Vincy Uncle,

Hearty congratulations..., you made us realy proud with all your achievements..!!! May God bless you with good health, happiness, prosperity & wish you all the success for the rest of your life.
Stanley & Winnie Fernandes Muscat Oman, Oman Jun 6, 2008
Dear Vincent,

"Congratulations" Having witnessed your achivement in Oman by sheer dedicaton, hardwork,& committment, you are indeed a role model not only to the youth but also to all Indians, specially Mangaloreans working in Oman.
We are proud of you. May God grant you good health peace, happiness and wisdom to achive further success in your life.

God bless you and your beloved family

Best Regards.
Stanley, Winnie, Winston, Stawin Muscat
Thulasi T., UAE Jun 6, 2008
William Menninger said"Six essential qualities are the key to success: sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom & charity".

Sir,it is amazing to note that both personally and professionally ,you continue to inspire many of us with these rare qualities. May God bless you and your family with continued success ,good health and happiness.
Raj Shekar Varma, Sharjah, UAE Jun 6, 2008
Vincent Sir has been a phenomenal role model for all the aspiring youngsters. His iconic status as a loyal worker, friend and philanthropist is what legends are made of.

His simple, down-to-earth attitude reflects in his passion for work and his benevolence helped shape lives of so many.

Blessed are his staff to have an inspiring leader like him as their boss, blessed is the company to have a worker & warrior like him and how blessed & proud is the family to have a loving father & husband like him. We salute a great personality and a wonderful human being. May God All Mighty continue to bless you Sir with good health, peace, success and above all abundant happiness, which you so richly deserve.

Love-Raj & Aarthi
SHOBINATH, UAE Jun 6, 2008
A Very inspiring article about a true leader and a fine human being.

We are proud to work under him.

Congratulations Sir on your remarkable achievements.
Prem, Muscat, Oman Jun 5, 2008
Beautiful article, about a great personality. We are Proud of him and proud to work under him. And best of luck to him & his family in the coming years.
wilson samuel, sharjah uae, UAE Jun 5, 2008
Recalling days when I was with the competitor -- Nissan. Every single sales person in our organisation used to stop all work and look up at Vincent in awe when he used to walk into our showrooms. We all wanted to learn something from the only living legend of automobiles..... IE SIR VINCENT MACHADO.

May God bless you and your family, always!!!
M SADIQ ZAMAN, UAE Jun 5, 2008
Congratulations Sir. You are a Great leader, Role model with a never - say -no attitude. We are all proud of you, Sir. May God bless you and your family.
RANJIT RAI, , India Jun 5, 2008
Your path towards achieving success is truly inspirational and once again proves that there is no substitute for hard work, dedication and devotion, you are a role model worth emulating.

May the almighty grant you good health and prosperity.
Dsouzas, Oman Jun 5, 2008
Congratulations Dear Vinciab,

You are truly a role model for all youngsters that aspire to be successful. Through your hardwork, dedication & commitment you have reached where you are today, at the same time you have given direction & helping hand in shaping the lives of so many youngsters. Mangalorean community (MCCP) has always experienced your generosity. We Mangaloreans are proud of you.

Thank you Jaya & Team Mangalorean for introducing Vincent to Mangaloreans around the world!

Joachim & Sonia
Sudip Abu Dhabi, UAE Jun 5, 2008
Leaders lead by example and you have shown it. You have also proved that with perseverance, determination and hard work no goal is impossible to acheive. There is nothing which cannot be learnt or acheieved if a person is determined and works for it. You are a source of motivation for all. Wish you all the best in the times to come. Looking forward for another such article after your completion of 50 years in Oman.

With best regards

Abu Dhabi
Austin Prabhu, USA Jun 4, 2008
My hats off to you Vincent for your life long achievements in a foreign country. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. A lovely family photograph under the Christmas Tree!
R.Pai, USA Jun 4, 2008
Everytime I read about someone like Vincent, it re-iterates what we knew all along - the importance of harddwork, dedication and focus.

I also loved reading about his early memories of reaching Oman by Ship! :) He also would have witnessed the whole oil boom and the transition of gulf society into an ultra-rich, modern one.

This article certainly made me - "WOW" ! :) Thanks for sharing! Hope you will share more such success stories in the future too.
Tauros, Oman Jun 4, 2008
Congratulations Vincy on completing 35 years in Oman/SBG with such great achievements and highlights in your career. We Mangaloreans are very proud of you and wish you the very best for the future.

Congrats to Pressy too who has been your lucky charm, inspiration, support and strength.

Keep going Vincy…our good wishes are always with you and your family!

Cletus & Melanie
girish s shetty , Oman Jun 4, 2008
Congrats sir. I pray & wish u many more years of successful career in SBG with sound health happiness, peace and success in ur work.

Rony Lobo, Abu Dhabi, UAE Jun 4, 2008
Congratulations for all the Great achievements in your life. You have made the Mangalorean community very proud in many ways and we are extremely fortunate to have a great leader like you.

May God Bless you and your family abundantly.
Dots Rego, Chicago, USA Jun 4, 2008
Hats of to you Vincent!
We are proud to learn about your tremendous achievements in Oman.
May God bless you in all your future endeavors!

Job well done Jaya! Thanks for letting us know about the shining star from Oman!!
Allen Fernandes, India Jun 4, 2008
Indeed Mr. Vincent Machado has achieved the best in his life with his dedicated service, hard work and efforts. I congratulate him on this occassion and wish him good health, peace, joy and a long life.
S.Govindaraajan, India Jun 4, 2008
My hearty congratulations & compliments to Mr.Vincent Mechado. In fact he is our mentor, guide, role model and living legend for all of us. I pray & wish him many more years of successful career with sound health, full of happiness, peace and success in all his endeavours.
Ben & Shaly Pereira, Oman Jun 4, 2008
As Indians, and Mangaloreans in particular, we have always been enormously proud of Vincy’s professional achievements. His charitable causes, though numerous, have always been low key as per his personal wish. Perhaps one of the reasons why we’ve hardly ever seen Vincy sharing stage space during the numerous MCCP functions, despite being a staunch supporter over the years. But, we must add that it’s been a pleasure watching him on the cricket field. It’s easy to see that the same determination that drives him to aim for those ‘sixes’ is also what has spurred him to the top of his organization.

Dear Vincy….extremely happy to see you featured on You truly deserve this honour. From the vast reserves of the choicest wines you have, CHEERS to a loyal friend, a wonderful human being and a supportive member of the Mangalorean community. May the winning combination spur you on to greater heights in the years to come. Best wishes and love always - to you and your lovely family.
VALERIAN & LILY, UK Jun 4, 2008


Suraj Rebello, Oman Jun 4, 2008
Congratulations Vincyab,

A Great Role model for all of us, a Charismatic Pillar of the Mangalorean community and a Never say No Man!

God bless you & your lovely family and continue to inspire more around you!

Jaya a good write up of a great personality.
Ophelia Lazarus, Oman Jun 4, 2008
Congratulations! Mr. Vincent Machado.

You are definitely a shining example to us Mangaloreans here in Oman. 35 years is no mean achievement, the sheer grit and determination that you have makes you stand tall today.

Wishing you all the very best and may you reach the pinnacle of success.

As always good write up Jaya.
Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait Jun 4, 2008

You are truly a role model for all youngsters that aspire to be successful. Had heard of you as a highly successful professional in Oman, have experienced your generosity for a noble cause and now to read this little write-up on you makes me proud indeed.

May you continue to carry on with the goals you've set for yourself and take Saud Bahwan to even greater heights.

Good work Jaya for introducing Vincent to Mangaloreans around the world!
Chris Rego, UAE Jun 4, 2008
Congrats Mr. Vincent. Your grit and determination are commendable indeed!

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