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Feb 08, 2016

Mangalore: Police unhelpful says Karavali Ale

Published Date: 02 Jan, 2009 (8:41 PM)

MANGALORE Jan 3: The publishers of Karavali Ale have said that the State Government is yet to act on the directions of the Press Council of India asking it to ensure free functioning of the newspaper.

In a press statement here, its editor-in-chief B.V. Seetaram said this had resulted in attacks on the paper and burning of its copies “with gay abandon.” He said everyday two to three such cases were being reported. “The police are not bothered because the ruling Sangh Parivar forces are behind the attacks,” he alleged. “Clearly, the Karnataka Government has no respect for the PCI which is a quasi-judicial authority created by an act of Parliament,” he said.

He said the police were doing little to provide relief to the newspaper publishers. “The complicity of the police in the attacks is evident by the fact that in certain cases the SHOs have refused to register the complaints after making our staff wait for hours and in certain others, even if they did, applied only IPC (Indian Penal Code) sections to make the cases very fragile,” Mr. Seetaram alleged.

He alleged that the attack “by the Hindu rightwing forces and land mafia” on newspaper’s printing press at Baikampady Industrial area on November 17, in which a constable was also injured, was not properly investigated and nobody was arrested. This had emboldened the miscreants to carry on further attacks.

He said Karavali Ale was being penalised for its criticism of the police and Bajarang Dal for their objectionable role during the attacks on churches and for being committed to transparent, secular and pluralistic ideals in its approach to public issues.

Police version

When contacted, Inspector-General of Police (Western Range) A.M. Prasad said more than 15 persons had been arrested and produced before the jurisdictional courts. He said all the police stations had been asked to be alert about the suspects. In a couple of cases where there was laxity — like in a case in Mulky — disciplinary action would be taken after the receipt of the inquiry report. Additional Superintendent of Police R. Dilip had been asked to submit a report.

In the case of attack on newspaper’s press on November 17, he said a top-ranking official has been asked to expedite the investigation. The constable who was injured was not able to identify the accused.

Mr. Prasad said armed guard had been provided to the press and escorts are being given to the vehicles supplying the newspaper as and when required. He said more security would be provided, if required. “We have offered any security cover he (Mr. Seetaram) wants,” Mr. Prasad said.


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nithinacharya, India Feb 4, 2011
hi hobbies is daily news paper
R.Pai, USA Jan 3, 2009
Unfortunately, the situation with 'Ale' is little murky.

However, fredom of expression and press need to be protected if we want a true democracy. It means that Sitaram-like journalists who are engaged in yellow-journalism also need to be protected.

There are legal channels to confront rogue journalists if you don't like their work and reporting. Those idiots who are attacking his offices/news paper need to understand this simple truth!

Police dept should provide the security these news papers need. At the same time, I hope they set up sting operations to bust all those dishonest reporters who are making a living out of harrassing and extorting money from people/organizations in the name of 'journalism'.
Prabhakar, Qatar Jan 3, 2009
Attack on the press is an attack on our fundemental right of Freedom. The BJP govt. has only tried to supress the Freedom in its various forms and this is one of it's achievement in the past 8 months. As pointed out by Mr. Bhat.... the Police force in the region has been biased and is behaving as though its the "MISTRESS" of the State Government.

What surprises me is that the situation of Law & Order, power, agriculture, Human rights through out state has deteriorated to a great extent and yet the People are HAPPY with the performance of the government. Funny is'nt it?????
Kadengodlu Shankara Bhat, Kazakhstan Jan 3, 2009
I have never read this Karavali Ale.
If at the fascist members of this Sangh Parivar feel that the newspaper is spreading false news or derogatory remarks about them, they have all the avenues under the law to file police complaint/s against the Editor & publisher or a defamation case as filed against HDK by their own Govt's CM Yeddy & get relief from courts.
This violence against the press & its newspaper vendors, as earlier stated by our DP saab is deplorable & I strongly codemn it in no uncertain terms. It seems that VD Achari has biased this police force of DK & Udupi as he had done during Raghupati Bhat's wife's suicide case to save his party MLA Raghupati Bhat.

Btw, what happened to that case?
Is Atul Rao still in police custody for his own 'security' as cited by the magistrate once during his bail plea?
I think that media like public short memeory & has forfotten this case where our VS Achari who as per my opinion abetted to her suicide by way of giving irresponsible media statements in the capacity of Home Minister, but did not face lie-detector test, as the enquiry was not handed over to CBI !
AlokGarg, India Jan 3, 2009
When people are polarised according to religion, the field is left wide open for anti-social elements backed by politicians and so called law keepers. It will surely take some time before the people of mangalore come to their senses. Why don' you learn from Mumbai's experiences? The shiv sena pattern is what is happening in Mangalore.
Ashok Rathi, India Jan 3, 2009
In the atmosphere of hatred created by BJP, there is hardly any hope for improvement in the situation.

For political gains Mr. Advani and company can stoop to any level, and utterly ruin the country's future.

The British, though foreigners, care more about India than our Mr. Advani.

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