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Feb 07, 2016

Mangalore: 60-year-old Soothsayer Finds Himself Star-crossed with Young Girl

Published Date: 04 Jul, 2012 (9:39 AM)

Team Mangalorean - Suburban

An incident where a Vastu expert was caught red-handed

Mangalore: An incident where a Vastu expert was caught red-handed by the public in a compromising position with a college girl has occurred  near the Kankanady (Mangalore Junction) railway station last evening.  He was later handed over to the police by the locals.

The vastu expert who is middle aged, was found showing his sexual expertise in his own Scorpio SUV in a deserted place near the railway station. The locals who caught him red-handed called the police, and handed him over. However it is said the man when questioned by police is said to have answered saying 'I had come to drop the girl to the station' while girl is said to have blackmailed the cops saying 'If I am framed in this case I will commit suicide'. The police who were in a dilemma are said to have let both of them go freely and have registered a petty case.

The Vastu expert who was caught in the act with the college girl is none other than Prakash who resides in Vamanjoor and is famously known as 'Anjana Astrologer'. A family belonging to Talapady is said to have been visiting him to known their fortune. One day when the family visited they had also brought their daughter along, who is a college student. Seeing this the vastu expert is said to have impressed the family members in a special way. The girl was quite impressed too, and he is said to have advances with her. It was yesterday that he went to her college to pick her up on his Scorpio, and took her to a deserted place near the railway station. He then started his activity with her. This, when came to public glare, it was stopped and he was pulled out of his car by the locals and then the 'Vaastu' expert cum astrologer was handed over to the police.

People were heard commenting that this Vastu man, might have forgotten to calculate his own Vastu before parking his car in that place and also being a astrologist he failed to see his own future. Another major observation made was that  the Vastu expert had fallen prey to the recent rule on tinted glass. Since his car's tint was just removed and therefore he was clearly seen compromising in the car by the locals. What could be the plight of people who subscribe to such Vastu experts and astrologists?!

60-year-old Soothsayer Finds Himself Star-crossed with Young Girl

Mangalore: A 60-year-old astrologer from Vamanjoor was found flirting with a college girl in his car parked by the side of a road leading to the central railway station road here on Tuesday.

He is said to have brought her in his sleek Scorpio car and found in a state of intimacy with her. The public passing by peeped in and found something fishy. When questioned, he is said to have responded with audacity.

The rural police were called and they took both the man and the girl to the police station. While the girl was let off with a warning, a case was registered against the man.

The public were heard commenting about the man who claims to decide and dispense others' fortune finding himself in such a state.


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HIMESH, India Jul 5, 2012
Nice culture, most of them showing their real faces now a days....!
vas, New Zealand Jul 5, 2012
These people are fraud. Take advantage of people blindly believe in them. We need a special prison for all sexually active swamis, Vastus, priests etc as these people are dangerous to society. This issue is a good topic for Amir Khan's "Sathya Me Jeyathe"
Drona, India Jul 4, 2012
Vaastu expert was busy with his Vastu perhaps.
Shweta, India Jul 4, 2012
Vashikarana I presume.
The Guru, India Jul 4, 2012
Very peaceful soothsayers
FAHEEM AKHTAR, India Jul 4, 2012
Its really shocking to know that a college girl flirting with a 60 year old astrologer:

I think that the astrologer might have misled the girl:

These type of persons should be punished:


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