Nicole Kidman doesn’t miss Hollywood

Los Angeles, Sep 8 (IANS) Actress Nicole Kidman insists she doesn’t miss “the Hollywood life” because she’s never been interested in fame

The “Paddington” star moved to Nashville with husband Keith Urban – with whom she has two children, Faith, four and Sunday, seven – nine years ago and insists she has never looked back since.

“I don’t miss the Hollywood life, definitely not. But I don’t think I’ve ever been a part of that. I still put on a gown and go on the red carpet, and that’s when you’re all for a moment circling each other, and I know all those people,” quoted Kidman as saying.

“If you’re committed to a fame path that’s a whole different thing. But for me that’s almost like the burden that comes with it. I don’t say that complaining, but that’s the part that’s work so I can do the thing I love,” she added.

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